Diary Page 79



Diary Page 79


May 25
We expected Mrs. Jo. Overholt and
Frank in to-day, but they
couldn't get a horse. Mamma
was out there yesterday.
Planted eight little pots with
two masturtiums in each.
Am going to start them for
Aunt Lillie. Mamma went
collecting, and uptown. She got
a new waist. Papa wanted to
see my teeth so I went up, but
he had left the office. Mamma &
Papa were over to Pay's at night.
The Ladies Home Journal came to-day.

May 26
I took my music lesson. 23{rd}
Etude. Mrs. J. Overholt came in
about 10:30 to see me as it
was her only chance. I wanted
to go out on my bicycle
but they would not let me.
Went up to Miss Sutherland's
for a bonnet for Mrs. N. Overholt
as mamma is going to take it out.
Papa and mamma went out to
Overholt's. Ella was over and
we got 10 two cent stamps instead of
our flags we sent to Eaton's for
as the flags are all mounted.
Went over to Mr. Laren's garden and
over to Lee's with. Ella she gave me a
lovely bunch of lilies of the valley.
Mamma brought home a bag of russet apples.

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