Diary Page 70



Diary Page 70


- Winnie's father gets electric shock from street car


May 7
Started to clean dinning room
and sitting room Mr. Ross
& Mr Lewis cleaned the
carpets. Tommy Tucker
came over after 1.30 and
staid [sic] till after four. Did
not have the carpets
put down to-day. They
had a service of
praise in Knox Church
to-night. Gaul's sacred
Cantata "The Holy City" is to
be in our church next

May 8
The gentlemen came and
put down the carpets
Mamma went up to
Mrs Sullivans. I fixed
my pulley belt Mamma
Papa & I went to church
at night. It rained hard
both going and coming
home. I played "Au Matin"
and Miss L Phillips played
and Miss Alice "[sic] sang, Miss Jessie
Adie and Marion Mc Geaclive [?]
recited. They had refreshments
Papa got an electric shock
from street car.

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[PERSONAL]May 7-8, 1900

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