January Wednesday 31(31-334)1900

Mrs Trusty is here. Did not go to
school but went to library
and got a book "The Guinea
Stamp" by Annie S Swan
Mamma went to church, and
they got $27. The Ladies Aid is doing
all right. Mamma went to a
musicale held at Mrs Larkin's
for Red Cross fund. Winnie
and Mattie sang, Louisa Groves
& Mrs Marquis played and Mr
. Papa went to lodge and
the Citizens House supper.

February Thursday 1(32-333) 

Went to school in afternoon
Annie Gardiner was there. She
has not been there for a long
while, She came to Queen street
with me. I finished "The Guinea
Stamp" last night I am a very
swift reader. Mamma went
out to call on Mrs Klotz. She
went uptown and bought me
a pair of gray kid gloves
for to-morrow afternoon.
Did my German for to-morrow
at night. Have 30 and 31 pages of
"Das Kalte Herz".

February Friday 2(33-332)1900

Was at school in morning Sat
with Miss Hesiott. Had the German
class in the Class Room. Mrs
was over in the afternoon
Allie Coy had an "At Home" from
4 o'clock to 6. Mabel Smith was
the only one ahead of me.
Mollie, Hellen, Carrie Norris were
there. Had very nice
refreshment. Miss Ethel Dougan
helped them serve. I had to
take my gloves off and play

  Saturday 3(34-331) 

Took my music lesson "Pierrette"
by Chaminade
and the 11th Etude Op #40
Have to get Six Octave Studies
by Czerny Op 553
. A man came
to the door peddling eggs. We
got 4 1/2 doz eggs to-day. Mrs
did not come til noon.
Washed handkerchiefs and some
little things. Went up to
order those Octave Studies. Got
some cake at Shelleys. Went
in to see Lizzie, but she was
not home. Nettie has left
papa. Judge Senkler died
yesterday in Winnipeg

February Sunday 4(35-330)1900

Did not do much all day. In
the morning it was snowing
hard, then about Sunday
School time and night the
same old thing so I staid [sic]
at home all day which I did
not like. Teased Pansy by tying
meat on a string. Read some
in "Ben-Hur" as I have forgotten
it, read some in a "Trip
Through Europe
and a Case
of Identity" by A. Conan

  Monday 5(36-329) 

Went to school in the morning
They got back their German
examination papers so we did
not have much of a lesson
Stopped in Mrs Pay's on my
way home. They had just
received a picture of Mrs &
Mr Pay
of South Africa in their
carriage and a Christmas card.
Mamma & Mrs Pay called on
Mrs Dudley, Mrs J Notman and
Mrs G. Armstrong Papa and
mamma went to Pay's at
night. Lizzie came down
came about 2 min. after they

February Tuesday 6(37-328)1900

I got out of going to school to-day
and it was a good thing as
Miss Cloney was cranky
Had fun with Dexter. Shovelled
the snow off the verandeh,
and the steps. Then threw
snowballs at him. Leta came
over to have me go with
her uptown. It was after
five when we went. Tait's have
an imitation pipe organ in
their window covered with
silver sheen dress lining.

  Wednesday 7(38-327) 

Went to school in morning
Annie Gardiner was there. There
was a little dog waiting outside
the door for some one, but I did
not let him in. Mamma
went to the church. Auxiliary
Day. There are to have the pound
social1 Friday night. Papa had
to go over to the station to
meet one of the big guns of the
Lodge as they have a blowout
to-night Dr Butler of
Buffalo, and Mr Waterson of
Brantford are here to attend
it. Judge Senkler is to be buried
in Brockville.

1. A charity event to which participants brought a pound package with something useful for the poor.

February Thursday 8(39-326)1900

Went to school in afternoon
Had to write on the board oh!!!!
dear. Then after school I went
to Eckhardt's, but they did not
have what I wanted. Miss
has been sick
Mamma & I went to the
Musical. It was held in
Knox Church. Dr Smith gave a
paper which was very dry.
Mr Thompson played "Introduction
from Lohengrin by Wagner
on the
organ. I liked it the best.

  Friday 9(40-325) 

Was at school. She made us
write a lot of sentences from
the translation. Went to Eckhardts
agan, but got my Octave Studies
this time. Miss Tucker was
here trying to sell tickets
for the recital they are getting
up. Mamma went over to
Carman's. Went to the church
to a pound social1 in the
basement. Miss Fisher of
Thorold gave some very
good recitations. Mr Burrell
read. Beatrice played Ivy
gave a metalophone [sic]2 solo.

1. A charity event to which participants brought a pound package with something useful for the poor.
2. Collins English Dictionary describes a metallophone as any musical instrument made of tuned metal bars which is struck with a malet. It is comparable to a xylophone.

February Saturday 10(41-324)1900

Took my music lesson. I had
to get a new book. 6 Poetic
Tone Pictures Op 3 Grieg
. Mamma
went with Mrs Coy to Miss
Emily Bate's
marriage in
St. Georges Church in the
afternoon, and them uptown.
I was over to Dudley's to see
Leta but she was at the
rink. Then I went to Dwyer's
Beatrice and I went uptown
and I stayed to tea. Mr, Mrs
, Beatrice & I played euchre
from 8 o'clock till about 10.

  Sunday 11(42-323) 

Went to church in the morning
Sermon Psalm XLIV. 2, 3. verses
We had a service of Humiliation
and Prayer on account of the
war. Beatrice, Leslie and I
went around to Notmans as I
wanted to tell them we could
not go to club on Tuesday so she
changed it to Wednesday. I called
in Pay's and told them. Went to
Sunday School. Lesson Jesus
and Nicodemus. Met Annie Lloyd
as I was coming home and she
came to the corner. Papa, mamma
I were at Church at night. Sermon
John III 9th verse. They song
Kipling's "Recessional" this morning.

February Monday 12(43-322)1900

Got out of going to school.
Mamma went calling in
the afternoon. She called on
Mrs Sheahan and Mrs C. Moore.
I went up to library
Could not get anything I
wanted. Got "Modern Music"
by Hullah
. Went to the office
Papa has a new girl Mabel
. She used to live in Miss
room, when I was
there. Miss Vandenburg's mother
died Saturday night.

  Tuesday 13(44-321) 

I went uptown before I went to
school. To the office to tell papa
not to forgot the towels as to-morrow
is washday. Went to Eckhardt's
after "Poetische Tonbilder" got it.
When I got to school it
was 20 minutes to four so
I did not go up. Staid [sic] there
awhile with Allie Vanderburg
Miss Tucker is having a
muscial and literary concert
in aid of the Red Cross
fund to-night. Mamma and
papa went to Dr Klotz
at night

February Wednesday 14(45-320)1900

Did not have to go to school to-day
as they were examined in
Latin and Euclid. The club met
at Notman's to-night. At last!
All the club were there except
the McGhie's and Mrs Armstrongs
and the two Miss Seymours were there Beatrice
and I played some. Her piece was the
"Picaninny [sic] Shuffle" Mrs Pay won
the ladies prize and papa the
gentleman's. Mrs Pays was a little
hand painted jewel box and tray, and
papa's a roller blotter with ebony
handle and sterling trimmings.

  Thursday 15(46-319) 

Went to school in the afternoon
Sat with Leta. I went by the
stove when Miss Cloney told us to go
to the board and she said she
thought I would find it too hot
which I was very glad of. Was
to the postoffice to mail two
letters for Phoebe. We waited and
waited for papa to come home
for tea, but he did not come
so Mr and Mrs Coy came over
and we were playing the
second game of euchre when
he came sailing in. Mr Bunting
gave him his supper.

February Friday 16(47-318)1900

Went to school in the morning
and Miss Gardiner was really
there with a nice cold. It
is quite cold out. Kimberley1
has been relieved. Hurrah
for the British, and bad luck
to the Boers. Papa is invited
out to-night to a stay
party. It is Mr McGhie's
birthday, and Mrs McGhie
is getting up a surprise
party for him.

  Saturday 17(48-317) 

Took my music lesson. Have the
4th & 1st "Poetische Tonbilder" and
13th Etude. Mr Read said Mrs
and Miss Norriss have
been having a fine time in New
York. They heard Faust by
Graw Co2 Carmen, Lohengrin and
others. Mrs Trusty was here
ironing this afternoon. Mamma
and I went uptown in the
afternoon. Got a cataloggue from
Steeles' for Phoebe. Mr and
Mrs Dwyer
were over at night
Leslie caught four muskrats
to-day. Got our tickets for
recital Tuesday night.

1. Kimberley, Cape Colony, present-day South Africa, was site of a battle (14 October 1899 - 15 February 1900), during the Second Boer War.
2. Milan Graw Italian Opera Company.

February Sunday 18(49-316)1900

Went to church in the morning
The Bishop is here and
preached both morning and
evening. Morning sermon
was Rev 12. 7 verse. Was at
Sunday School in afternoon.
The lesson was "The Woman
of Samaria. We have to find
out all we can about Sychan
or Shechem for next Sunday
Mamma & I went at night
could not get papa to go. Sermon
II. Corinthians 11 chapter 17 verse.

  Monday 19(50-315) 

Went to school in morning.
Had a review of the 8th, 9th and
10th chapters. It said in the
Star to-night that the Bishop
preached two of the best
patriotic sermons ever heard
in St. Catharines. They are
going to have a concert in
the church to-night for the
benefit of the Sunday School.
Could not go as papa and
mamma went over to Dwyer's
Mr Dwyer wanted to see papa
about some lodge busniess.
The British are entering
Dodrecht [sic]1 and killed lots of

1. Dordrecht is a town in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Brigadier General Barbant colonial's garrisoned the town on February 17, 1900.

February Tuesday 20(51-314)1900

Papa did not come home for
dinner. Took dinner with
Mr Bunting. Did not go to
school. Mamma went calling
Papa could not go with us
to the recital to-night so
mamma & I went. It was given in
Masonic Hall under auspices of
the Musical Circle. Proceeds in aid of
Hospital. Miss Durno, pianist, and
Miss McCallum reader. I liked
the Tarantelle by Leschetizky
Schumann's Allegro from Faschingschwank [sic]
and Rhapsody No.12 by Liszt

  Wednesday 21(52-313) 

Papa went to Toronto to-day
to Dental Convention which
lasts to-day, to-morrow and
Friday. Was at school in
morning. Sat with Laura
. Mamma went to
the church as it is the
annual meeting of the Womans
Auxilary. Shes has given up
the Recording Secretaryship as she
has had it ever since it
was organized and is now on
the Board of Management. It
is reported Ladysmith1 has
been relieved. Several
Canadians have been killed and

1. City located in South Africa engaged in the Second Boer War. Fighting in this area occurred between 2 November 1899 and 28 February 1900.

February Thursday 22(53-312)1900

Did not go out of the house
all day Mamma made
a fruit cake. I painted on
a toy drum Mamma has
got for the booby Monday.
"Something you can beat"
Papa went from Toronto to
Buffalo to the Mason's
banquet in honor of the Grand
Master of New York1. I wanted to
go to the Musical but oh! my
the weather so I played
selections from Schubert & Bach & C[?]
as it was German night and and dreamt I was there

  Friday 23(54-311) 

Went to school. Annie Gardiner
was there, and she asked
me to go uptown with her so
I did. We did not have to
stay at school as Miss Cloney
was not there. Mamma went
out on a collecting trip. We lost
our neighors yesterday.
Beatrice brought me a programme
of the Musical this afternoon.
Papa came home to-night
and brought mamma a pair
of rubber gloves and me two
pieces. "Salome" by Wm. Loraine
and Ben-Hur Waltzes by Charles Hoffman
They are very pretty.

1. In 1900 the Grand Master was Charles W. Mead.

February Saturday 24(55-310)1900

Took my music lesson. The 2nd
Poetic Tonepicture of Grieg
and 14th
Etude Shave Modulation of a Passage
of Music for next day in Harmony.
It has been raining nearly all
day. I wrote a letter to Mamie.
Mamma went uptown to
get the prizes for Monday
night and to Ridley College to see
Miss Cleghorn about the auxiliary
Mamma got a pack of cards for
gentleman's prize and a cute cup
and saucer for the ladies. Papa
brought some peanuts home at night.

  Sunday 25(56-309) 

Went to church in the morning
It was so cold in the church
that Mr Perry would not preach
the sermon he had prepared
so he read an appeal for
the Lenten season from our
Bishop. Beatrice wanted me to
come Queen St but when we
got to the church door, and saw
the snow, and heard the wind I
didn't see the point. Read the
Prince of the Home of David.
I enjoyed it very much,
Papa is reading "Ben-Hur"
Did not go to church at night

February Monday 26(57-308)1900

It was very cold and I did
not go to school. The Ladies
Home Journal came to-day
The club meets here to-night
They were all here expect
Armstrongs and McGhies.
Mr Pay won the gentleman's
prize Mrs Macgregor the ladies
and Mrs Notman the booby
As we were eating lunch
the cannons started to go
off and we thought Ladysmith1
was relieved some, Mr Macgregor is
not going to clean his boots until it is relieved.

  Tuesday 27(58-307) 

It was a false report about
Ladysmith, but Cronje had
surrendered. They had a
patriotic concert in the opera
last night for Red Cross
fund. Mamma went uptown in
afternoon and I went afer
to the Post office and library
I sent for three pieces of 10 cent
music from Denton Cottier & Daniels
Buffalo. They were at the Spring by Liszt
Two Larks by Leschetizby, & Tannhauser
March by Wagner
. I got the "Heavenly
" out of the Library. Mamma
got a color cord (Corticelli) and the
colors are grouped so harmoniously
Phoebe got a letter from Jennie Tucker

1. City of Ladysmith is located in South Africa. Siege of Ladysmith which occured during the Second Boaer War took place from November 2, 1899 to February 27, 1900.

February Wednesday 28(59-306)1900

Last night the boys and men
celebrated Cronje's surrender
by bonfires, firecrackers
and the band played on.
They stole about $50 worth
of boxes from McLarens and
sent in a false alarm to get the
firement out. Mamma went to
church as it is the Ladies Aid
monthly meeting. There she staid [sic]
to the first Lenten service. To-day is
Ashwednesday. Phoebe got a picture
of Edna Potters. It has been snowing
nearly all day. Papa brought some peanuts home.

March Thursday 1(60-305) 

When I awoke this morning the
Meritton whistle was blowing
pretty soon the Town bell then
St George's Chruch chimes so I
knew Ladysmith1 was relieved
Hurrah! It has been blowing
and snowing Oh! how hard.
It is the worst snowstorm
we have had this year.
Another day in the house.
Mamma strained her wine
to-day. I arranged the pictures
in my room as I had got
tired of them. I found a pretty
picture yesterday in an old
Montreal Star of the Madonna and
Christ child so I put it up

1. City of Ladysmith is located in South Africa. Siege of Ladysmith which occured during the Second Boaer War took place from November 2, 1899 to February 27, 1900.

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