- Winnie's mother gets $27 for Ladies Aid from church, attends musical for Red Cross at Mrs Larkin's


January Wednesday 31 1900

Mrs Trusty is here. Did not go to
school but went to library
and got a book "The Guinea
Stamp" by Annie S Swan.
Mamma went to church, and
they got $27. The Ladies Aid is doing
all right. Mamma went to a
musicale held at Mrs Larkin's
for Red Cross fund. Winnie
and Mattie sang, Louisa Groves
& Mrs Marquis played and Mr
Garry. Papa went to lodge and
the Citizens House supper.

February Thursday 1(32-333)

Went to school in afternoon
Annie Gardiner was there. She
has not been there for a long
while, She came to Queen street
with me. I finished "The Guinea
Stamp" last night I am a very
swift reader. Mamma went
out to call on Mrs Klotz. She
went uptown and bought me
a pair of gray kid gloves
for to-morrow afternoon.
Did my German for to-morrow
at night. Have 30 and 31 pages of
"Das Kalte Herz".

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[LOCAL]January 31-February 1, 1900

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