Diary Page 36



Diary Page 36


- Ladysmith is actually relieved_
- Cronje's surrender celebrated, $50 worth of boxes stolen from McLarens_
- monthly meeting of Ladies Aid_
- Birthday of Winnie's father_
- Free concert at Opera House by band


February Wednesday 28 1900
Last night the boys and men
celebrated Cronje's surrender
by bonfires, firecrackers
and the band played on.
They stole about $50 worth
of boxes from McLarens and
sent in a false alarm to get the
firement out. Mamma wnt to
church as it is the Ladies Club
monthly meeting. There she staid
to the first [?] service. To-day is
Ashwednesday. Phoebe got a picture
of Edna Potters. It has been snowing
nearly all day. Papa brought some peanuts home.

March Thursday 1
When I awoke this morning the
Meritton whistle was blowing
pretty soon the Town went there
St Georges Chruch chimes so I
knew Ladysmith was relieved
Hurah! It has been blowing
and snowing Oh! how hard hard.
It is the worst snowstorm
we have had this year.
Another day in the house.
Mamma strained her wine
to-day. I arranged the pictures
in my room as I had got
tired of them. I found a pretty
picture yesterday in an old
Montreal Store of the Madonna and
Christ chold so I put it up

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[GLOBAL]February 28-March 1, 1900

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