Diary Page 34



Diary Page 34


February Saturday 24 1900
Took my music lesson. The 2nd
Poetic [?] of Grieg and 14th
Etude Shave Modulation of a Passage
of Music for next day in Harmony.
It has been raining nearly all
day. I wrote a letter to Marine.
Mamma went uptown to
get the prizes for Monday
night and to Ridly College to see
Miss Cleghorn about the auxiliary
Mamma got a pack of cards for
gentleman's prize and a cute cup
and saucer for the ladies. Papa
brought some peanuts home at night.

Sunday 25
Went to church in the morning
It was so cold in the church
that Mr Perry would not preach
the sermon he had prepared
so he read an appeal for
the Lenter season from our
Bishop. Beatrice want me to
come Queen St but when we
got to the church door. and saw
the snow. and heard the wind I
didn't see the point. Read the
[?] of the Home of David.
I enjoyed it ver much,
Papa is reading "Ben-Hur:
Did not go to church at night

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