Diary Page 33



Diary Page 33


- Masons' Banquet in Buffalo in honour of Grand Master of New York


February Thursday 22 1900
Did not go out of the house
all day Mamma made
a fruit cake. I painted on
a toy drum Mamma has
got for the booby Monday.
"Something you can beat"
Papa went from Toronto to
Buffalo to the Mason's
banquet in honor of the Grand
Master of New York. I wanted to
go to the Musical but oh! my
the weather so I played
selections from Schubert & Bach [xx]
as it was German night and and dreamt I was there

Friday 23
Went to school. Annie Gardiner
was there, and she asked
me to go uptown with her so
I did. We did not have to
stay at school as Miss Cloney
was not there. Mamma went
out on a collecting trip. We lost
our neighors yesterday.
Beatrice brought me a programme
of the Musical this afternoon.
Papa came home to-night
and brought mamma a pair
of rubber gloves and me two
pieces. "Salome" by Wm. Loraine
and Ben-Hur Waltzes by Charles Hoffman
They are very pretty.

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[LOCAL]February 22-23, 1900

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