American Bazaar Store

P O Block, 151 St Paul Street

Misses E & M.A. Anderson

Elizabeth & Mary A. Anderson
Fancy goods + milliner
107 St Paul


Dr. Charles O. Beam, dentist

His office was located on 4 Queens Street on the south side near the intersection with Lake St.

Black Bridge

General Brock Monument

Brown & Company

Brown's Nurseries

Buffalo Historical Museum
(aka Museum on Yankee side)

Founded as Buffalo Historical Society in 1862, the Buffalo Historial Museum had three locations prior to moving to its current site in 1901 (New York State Building of the Pan-American Exposition).


Chaplin Saw Works

Church of England Burial Ground
Also refered to as the English Church burial ground and St John's (Anglican) Cemetery. Registered to St. John's Anglican Church, Main St, Port Dalhousie, Ontario

Citizens House


Collegiate Institute - was located on Church Street between St. George Anglican Church and First Presbyterian Church. The Collegiate began as  Grantham Academy in 1829.  The building eventual became W. J. Robertson Public School, a name it kept until 1977. In 2016 it became the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre.

The St. Catharines Collegiate Institute was moved to 34 Catherine Street in 1923. Where it still remains today. 


Albert Cox

Factory located at 50 Geneva Street, over Wise's Planning Mill.

Winnie walked as far as this location with Miss Crawford, after having met her on Queen Street near the Post Office.

Coy Bros

Coy Brothers was a hardware store located at 73 St. Paul Street E at Helliwells Lane. It laterbeame the  site of Zellers department store and is now a parking lot.


Is a confectioner shop.


Demill Ladies' College

Dennyson Club

Denton Cottier & Daniels

was locate at 32 Court Street, Buffalo NY. Sold pianos & organs since 1827.

Dominon Radiator Company


Dunn's Florist, shop waslocated on Ontario St. south west corner of Trafalgar St.


Thomas Durnin, grocery store was located at 58 Wellington (53 on 1913 map).

Dwyer's Druggist and Chemist

Located at 53 St Paul St, it was owned by Percy M. Dwyer


Eckhardt's WH & Son Pianos 

Music and Musical Instrument Store 

91 St Paul 


First Presbyterian Church

95 Chruch St

Now known as Royal House Redeemed Christian Church of God


Baker and Confectioners

11 St Paul



Carleton Street unknown number

David Fraser


General and Marine Hospital

Was located at 142-144 Queenston Street. The building was demolished in 2018(?).


Grand Opera House

Opened in September 1877 and was initially known as the Academy of Music. Caught fire in 1895, and again in 1926. sometime after the 1926 fire, the Opera House was turned into a bowling alley called Dorado Lanes. Dorado Lanes was closed after a fire in 1992 and the building was demolished and turned into a parking lot.

Grange Hall

Located at Third Street Louth and Seventh Street.

Built in the mid-1800s as a Methodist chapel, became a community hall for a women's institute and farmers' co-operative. Until 2007, was known as St. Mark's Anglican Church.

Demolished sometime after August 2010.

Granite Hall

One of several locations used by the Musical Circle for their recitals and concerts.

W.W. Greenwood's

William W. Greenwood, Druggist
25 St. Paul Street


Hamilton Gun Club -

Hainer's Hill
Also referred to as Western Hill. It was a hill in Western St. Catherines on Hainer Street leading to the old Welland Canal.

Haynes Avenue Presbyterian Church

First site was Haynes Avenue at Seneca (1876-1897)

Second site was Queenston St at Thorold Rd. Renamed to Westminster Presbyterian Church in 1922, became United Church in 1925.

Current site at 180 Queenston St. dedicated in 1927.

J.E. Hetherington

109 St Paul St
Baker and Confectioner
Wedding Cakes a Speciality, Ice Cream, Lunch Rooms


Inksater Bros.

Samuel J. Inksater, clerk
27 St. Paul Street


J.M. Jeans

James Jean, confectioner
15 St Paul Street W
sells ice cream soda


John Jeeves, market gardener
north side of Elizabeth St west of ....


M.Y. Keating

artist materials, pictures, frames, newspapers, periodicals, public and high school books + supplies, fine stationery, spectacles + eye glasses

35 Queen

Knox Church

Rev James Murray, pastor
Church St



James Lee, grocer
19 Welland Avenue s e cor Queen

Estate of George Lloyd

Stoves and Tinware
27 Queen


Malpa's Pond

Site of drowning of Isaac Foy McTavish and Joseph Smith on August 8th, 1900

Masonic Lodge

McCalla's Grove

Popular picnic destination. Lost in the constuction of the New Welland Canal: "Up the ten mile creek now part of the New Welland Ship Canal running through McCalla's Grove and the old Read Farm"


McLaren & Co.

Merchant tailors
19-21 St Paul Street

Destroyed in 1936 fire, current site of One St Paul

J. McLaren Green Houses and Market Garden

John A. McLaren
44 Welland Ave n w cor Lake

A. Meyer (Myer) Co. Ltd.

Anthony Meyer, proprietor
23 Lake cor Elizabeth

Montebello Park

St. Catharines' first public. The land was purchased by the City of St. Catharines 1887. Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of New York City’s Central Park, was commissioned to design Montebello Park.

A pavilion located in the park was constructed on the foundation of the original Merritt estate in 1888.

Monument House

William Palmer, proprietor
Hotel at southwest corner of Front and Partition streets
Queenston, Ontario

Closed in 1904 and destroyed by fire in 1906.

Named for the carved stone mantel executed by same men as Brock Monument at Queenston Heights.

Murphy's Livery

James Murphy, livery
Ontario St

Murray, A & Co.

10 King E, Hamilton
Staple & fancy dry goods, millinery and mantles


Niagara Street Methodist Church

n s Nelson, 1 w Niagara


Robert W Osborn

P & 0 Block, St Paul Street

Winnie's waltzes were bound here.


Perry Co. Malden, Mass -


Peter's Cartridge Co. -

Post Office 

Corner of King st. and Queen st.

Robert Lawrie served as postmaster from 1901 to 1905 Post Office records for the years 1875-1902 did not survive.


Queen St. Baptist Church 

built in 1852. Burned in a fire in 1891. Current day appearance of the church has not changed much in about 100 years.

Queenston Heights -


Redpath Concert Co -

Ridley College

Established in 1889.

First headmaster was Dr. John Ormsby Miller



98 King street.

Boarding House owned by Mrs. J Shelly


Butcher, owned by W. J. Smith. Located on King street.

St. Barnabas Church 

82 Queenston St.

Founded in 1870. Originaly built on John Street, it was moved to Queenston Street in 1891

St. Catharines Free Library

Miss Sarah E Waud, librarian, 12 Queen St.

St. Catharines (City) Gas Works

St. George Church 

23 Church St.

One of the oldest Parishes in Canada, established in 1792. The current building was built in 1840.

St. James Church

Corner of Hartzel Road and Oakdale Ave.

Held its last service on January 22nd 2017 after being open for 125 years.

St. John's Church

Described by Winnie as "St. johns church in Port"

Located on Main Street in the Anglican parish in Port Dalhousie.

Original church was disassembled and rebuilt in Merritton as first St. James Church.

St. Paul St. Church 

12 St. Paul St

The present church was constructed in 1861. The spire was complete in 1870.

Destroyed in a fire in 1962, was rebuilt and reopened in 1963.

St. Thomas Anglican Church

The church attended by the Beam family.

Steele Bros. -

Stoney Lake 

Located in Peterborough County in Central Ontario

Winnie's Father goes here for a fishing trip



James D. Tait Co. Ltd.

23 and 25 St Paul Street E

Thomson & Moores


Frederick W. Truman, Florist
9 Ottawa St




Waite's -

Walker & Abbs 

28 Queen St.

Pharmacy owned by druggists James N. Walker and John A. Abbs

Welland Avenue Church 

55 Welland Ave.

Originaly build of wood, newer church build of stone was built in 1877

Welland Depot -

Welland House -

Welland Jail

Where Mr Beatty was sent.

Welland Vale Works

Wherry's Hall

Was located at 148 St. Paul Street. The Hall was used by numerous commnity groups for meetings, including The Women's Literary Club of St. Catharines (founders of The Pilgrimage to Historic site), Victoria Camp No. 104 Woodmen of the World (in 1900 met 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month), Canadian Order of Foresters No. 320 (in 1900 met 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, Garden City Council No 567 (Royal Templars of Temperance, in 1900 met 1st Thursday of the month) and the Journeyman Tailors Union of America No. 235 (in 1900 met 1st and 3rd Monday of the month).


N. Whiting & Sons

Northrup Whiting
57 St Paul

Wilsons Grocery

33 Queen Street

Fruits, Cream, Groceries, Oysters

Wilson Lumber Mills

Located at Wiley and Nelson until May 1900 fire

Later opened Geo. Wilson & Co. Planning Mill and Box Factory between Queen and Niagara

Wood Bros -

Woodruff's Field -




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