Diary Page 29



Diary Page 29


February Wednesday 14 1900
Did nto have to go to school to-day
as they were examined in
Latin and Euclid. The club met
at Notman's to-night. At last!
All the club were there except
the Mc[?] and Mrs Armstrongs
and the two Miss Seymours were there Beatrice
and I played some. Her was the
"Picaninny Shuffle" Mrs Pay won
the ladies prize and papa the
gentleman's. Mrs Pays was a little
hand painted jewel box and tray, and
papa's a roller blotter with ebony
handle and sterling trimmings.

Thursday 15
Went to school in the afternoon
Sat with Leta. I went by the
stove when Miss Cloney told us to go
to the board and she said she
thought I would find it too hot
which I was very glad of. Was
to the postoffice to mail two
letters for Phoebe. We waited and
waited for papa to come gome
for tea, but he did not come
so Mr and Mrs Coy came over
and we were playing the
second game of [?] [?[
he came sailing in. Mr Bunting
gave him his supper. d

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