Diary Page 30



Diary Page 30


- Relief of Kimberley in Boer War


February Friday 16 1900
Went to school in the morning
and Miss Gardiner was really
there with a nice cold. It
is quite cold out. Kimberley
has been relieved. Hurrah
for the British, and bad luck
to the Boers. Papa is invited
out to-night to a stay
party. It is Mr McGhie's
birthday, and Mrs McGhie
is getting up a surprise
party for him.

Saturday 17
Took my music lesson. Have the
4th & 1st "Poetische Tonbilder" and
13th Etude. Mr Read said Mrs
Marquis and Miss Noriss have
been having a fine time in New
York. They heard Faust by
Graw Co, Carmen, Lohengrin and
others. Mrs Trusty was here
ironing this afternoon. Mamma
and I went uptown in the
afternoon. Got a cataloggue from
Steeles' for Phoebe. Mr and
Mrs Dwyer were over at night
Leslie caught four muskrats
to-day. Got our tickets for
recital Tuesday night.

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[GLOBAL]February 16-17, 1900

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