February Wednesday 28(59-306)1900

Last night the boys and men
celebrated Cronje's surrender
by bonfires, firecrackers
and the band played on.
They stole about $50 worth
of boxes from McLarens and
sent in a false alarm to get the
firemen out. Mamma went to
church as it is the Ladies Aid
monthly meeting. There she staid [sic]
to the first Lenten service. To-day is
Ashwednesday. Phoebe got a picture
of Edna Potters. It has been snowing
nearly all day. Papa brought some peanuts home.

March Thursday 1(60-305) 

When I awoke this morning the
Meritton whistle was blowing
pretty soon the Town bell then
St George's Chruch chimes so I
knew Ladysmith1 was relieved
Hurrah! It has been blowing
and snowing Oh! how hard.
It is the worst snowstorm
we have had this year.
Another day in the house.
Mamma strained her wine
to-day. I arranged the pictures
in my room as I had got
tired of them. I found a pretty
picture yesterday in an old
Montreal Star of the Madonna and
Christ child so I put it up

1. City located in South Africa engaged in the Second Boer War. Fighting in this area occurred between 2 November 1899 and 28 February 1900.

March Friday 2(61-304)1900

The Ridley boys were out in full
force yesterday with Kruger's dummy
on a stretcher. Yesterday afternoon
was a holiday and the people
were wild. It was papa's
birthday yesterday. They had a
free concert in the Opera House
last night by the band. Got
my music I sent for on Tuesday
and a catalogue besides. Tannhauser
and Two Larks are pretty, but
the other one is hard.

  Saturday 3(62-303) 

Took my music lesson Cradle Song
by Mendelssohn
. Mr Read played
an introduction and the first part
of a cycle of Japanese songs. The
introduction is very pretty and
is founded upon the Japanese
scale. Mrs Trusty is here.
Mamma and I were uptown.
Mamma got a waist for working
in and me some print for
a blouse waist. We saw Mrs
and she had just been in
Dwyer's before she came uptown,
and they thought old Mrs Dwyer
was dying.

March Sunday 4(63-302)1900

Was at church in the morning
Sermon Phil 3. 13 & 14th verses
Communion Sunday. In the
afternoon it was snowing
hard so I did not go to
Sunday School. Mamma had
a headache so we did not
go at night. I read "Titus"
over again. The chief character
is Titus the son of the high priest
Caiaphas, but he was stolen by
a servant Prisea when he was young
and her husband was a ruffian and
Titus & the supposed father were the thieves hung
on the cross at Christ's crucifixion.

  Monday 5(64-301) 

Started back to school after a
week's rest. They got back
their French papers. Called in
Dwyer's to see how old Mrs
Dwyer was. She is just about
the same. Ella was over in
the afternoon she brought my
Mildred books & mousetrap back.
Mrs Jeeves is sick and is to
have an operation performed this
afternoon at the hospital.
I went to the church to the
5 o'clock service. Mr Perry spoke
on the first chapter of Romans
from 13 to 17 verses.

March Tuesday 6(65-300)1900

Old Mrs Dwyer died this morning
and is to be buried Thursday
in English Church burying ground
at Port. It has been thawing
nearly all day, and the
walking is awful. Papa
got water in over his overshoes
Did not go to school. Wanted
to go to the church, but
walking was too bad.

  Wednesday 7(66-299) 

The walks have frozen to-day
and the walking is as bad
as ever. Very rough. Miss Eva
fell on Queen St. in
front of Thomson & Moores office
and she was unconcious [sic] for 20
minutes. Did not go to school
or church. Was over to Carman's
in afternoon. Ella was showing
me the darning needle work.
Winnie was showing me some
of her Christmas presents. She got
a very nice picture with Mozart, Shubert,
Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Wagner, & Haydn
framed in it. She got a silver pudding
dish with her stamp book.

March Thursday 8(67-298)1900

Mrs Dwyer was buried this afternoon
Mamma and I went to church.
We were late. We had Mr Miller
as I suppose Mr Perry was at the
funeral. Then we went to the Post
Mamma sent for some samples from
Simpson's. We really went to the
Musical to-night. Mr Williams
led it. Miss Macfarlane played a
pretty Bercuse [sic] by Schytte
and Miss Burson
played Chaconne by Jadassohn I
liked these the best. It was
Scandinavian night.

  Friday 9(68-297) 

Went to school. Annie was
there. She went with me
as far as the library. I
got "A House-Boat on the
Styx", by J. K. Bangs
so long as I have been
trying to get it for nearly
a year. Finished it to-night.
We expected Dr and Mrs
over to spend
the evening, but they
did not come. Mattie is
going back in the choir and
Frank too.

March Saturday 10(69-296)1900

Took my music lesson. Took the
17th Song and 15th Etude. Had
to go to Eckhardt's after March
Op. 39. No 1. by Hollaender
and Valse
Serenade Op 71. by Godard
. Met
Percy and Beatrice as I was
coming home. Mamma and I
went uptown. Stopped in Mrs
's and she went with us.
As we were comming home
met Helen and I went back
uptown with her. I took the
Musical programme & a catalogue to
Beatrice. D. M. Walkers had a bargain? sale.

  Sunday 11(70-295) 

Was at church in the morning.
We had Mr Gardner of
Port. He was preaching on the
different missions they want
us to contribute to next Sunday.
The text was in Psalms the Lord is
King. Went to Sunday School
lesson "The Paralytic healed."
Mamma, papa & I were to church
at night. We had Mr Perry Sermon
St John V. 39 & 40. Mr and Mrs
were down
at night. Mollie Phelps was
with Allie Coy to church in
the morning. The sermon to
night was God's appeal to the

March Monday 12(71-294)1900

Did not go to school in
the morning Mamma
went to Mrs Len Smiths to get
a shirtwaist pattern and
to Mrs Pay's to show her
some samples we got from
Murray's. I went to library  
and got "But Men must work by
Rosa N. Carey
. Then I went to
church. Mamma went too Mr Perry
is speaking on prayer this week
To-day it was about the women
of Samaria asking Jesus where to pray
at Jerusaleum & Samaria and He answers
neither as God is a spirit and we must
worship in spirit and truth.

  Tuesday 13(72-293) 

Mrs Jeeves died yesterday morning
in the hospital. Papa brought
Mr Bunting home to dinner.
Did not go to school again
Went over to Lee's and
then to church. The subject
for to-day was taken from
Matt VI. & 6 verse. It was about
praying to God in secret and
He will rewarded us openly.
The March Musicians came
to-day Winnie came home
with me I was introduced to
Miss Lampman. Mrs Lovelace &
Mrs McCordick called on mamma
Lizzie was down at night.

March Wednesday 14(73-292)1900

Mrs Trusty was here this
morning. Did not go to
school. Mrs Jeeves was
buried this afternoon.
Papa went to the house.
The coffin was a mass
of flowers. Mrs L. Smith
came over this afternoon,
and cut out a new waist
pattern. Mr Coy sent over
some moose steak. First
we ever had. Mr Coy is
alone and he had a few friends
in. Papa went over.

  Thursday 15(74-291) 

Guess I won't go to school
any more. I went over to
Lee's and I met Allie.
She was going up to the
millnery openings. Bobs [sic]
is in Blonfontein1 [sic] and
sleeping in Steyn's house.
I went to see Mrs Dwyer and
uptown. She came to
church too. Mr Perry spoke
on Matt VII. 7. Seek and ye shall find
ask & receive, knock and it shall be
opened. We got our goods from
Murray & Co. for shirtwaists and
mamma got enough goods at Tait's for one.


1. Bloemfontein is the capital city of the present day province of Free State of South Africa. In 1900 the region was referred to as Orange Free State. The Steyn family had many prominent members in the community. Martinus (or Marthinus) Theunis Steyn (1857-1916) was the president of the state and allied his State with the South African Republic against the British Empire. He was a key protagonist in the Boer resistance.

March Friday 16(75-290)1900

In the afternoon I went
uptown. Called for Beatrice
but she was out with
Percy. Went to Eckhardt's
Got my pieces to-day.
Mr. Thomspon was in there.
Went to Dunn's and bought
a shamrock for to-morrow.
He said they came from
Ireland. Mr and Mrs
Pay were over at
night. They played

  Saturday 17(76-289) 

St. Patrick's Day. Took my
music lesson. Mr Read
asked me where my green
was and told me to come home
and put it on. Took the "Marsch"[sic]
by Hollaender
. The other was
wrong and I had to take it
back. I wanted the one by
Benj. Godard and the one I got
was by Ch. Godard and was
not much good. Very cold.
Mamma and I did the
ironing as Mrs Trusty did
not come.

March Sunday 18(77-288)1900

Did not go to church in the
morning. It is warmer, but
snowing nearly all the
time. Those Evangelists Crossely [sic]
and Hunter1 are in Toronto.
I suppose the Methodisits will
try to get them here as they
were here a few years ago.
Did not go to Sunday School
but papa, mamma & I went
to church at night. Sermon
St. John XIV & 1 verse. It
was God's appeal to the heart.
Rained at night.

  Monday 19(78-287) 

Very bright, and warm this
morning. Finished the
Harmony for next Saturday
this morning. It is
getting hard. Am at Part
II. Suspensions. Papa said
at noon that water was
very cheap as it has been
thawing and the rain last
night. I intended going to
library and church but
it rained very hard.

March Tuesday 20(79-286)1900

My blue print waist Mrs
cut out is finished
Papa and Mr Marquis
went to the Falls this
evening. I went to the
library and got "The
Incidental Bishop" by
Grant Allen
. Got the papers
as papa did not come home
and then went to church
It was very smoky. Winnie
came home with me.
De Pachmann gave a piano
recital in Buffalo last night.

  Wednesday 21(80-285) 

Mamma went to church
this afternoon. Ella came
over in the afternoon.
Her little bird is dead.
I went to Greenwoods
for Phoebe then went
to church. Mr Perry
spoke on St. John IV 63 & 68.
It was smoky again.
Mamma & I went
uptown after to Miss
, Shelleys, Keatings,
and Greenwood's after the
things as they have no

March Thursday 22(81-284)1900

Mamma went out collecting
and then she went
uptown and to church.
She got my piece Valse
Serenade Op 71 by Godard
We went to the Musical
at night Mrs Marquis
played the prettiest one
Premiere Mazurka by Strelezki
Allie played, but I did
not like her piece.
Got a letter from

  Friday 23(82-283) 

I started to read "In
Black & White by Kipling

but it is very funny.
I do not care much for it.
Mrs Len Smith was over
in the afternoon. Got
the Ladies home Journal.
I am reading "The Parson's
" in it. It is a nice
story. I had to go over to
Lee's before tea. Mrs Smith
was with me. Laura
brought us buttermilk. Mamma
was down to see Maggie about
making Aunt Allie a dress.

March Saturday 24(83-282)1900

Took my music lesson. Took
16th Etude. I have to copy
the Harmony from the full
score to the open using
the treble, alto, tenor, and
bass clefs. In the afternoon
Leta came after me and
we were down to her aunts
and then uptown. Mamma
was uptown, and bought
me goods for a shirtwaist
red and white. Mrs Pay
has been sick.

  Sunday 25(84-281) 

Went to church in the morning
Sermon St. Matt IV. 1 verse.
It is nice and warm this
morning. Was at Sunday
School. We have to find
how long Christ's ministry
lasted for next Sunday. To-night
the sermon is to be "God
and the concience [sic]. Did not
go, but papa and I went
to the Queen St. Baptist. Mr
preached. Exodus XII. 22 & 23
verses. Saw Beatrice as we
were coming home.

March Monday 26(85-280)1900

Made marmalade. Papa and
Sidney Bunting went to the
Falls. Mamma and I
went to the club at night
It was at Armstrong's. There
were only six of the club
there and Mr & Mrs J. Jeffrey
Dr Buchanan, Will Burleigh,
Miss Harris, & Mr Creelman Mrs
Jeffrey's brother. Saw the baby.
Dr Buchanan came home
with mamma & I

  Tuesday 27(86-279) 

Mamma was out collecting
in afternoon at Mrs Coy's
Mrs Smith's Mrs Reynold's
Mrs Pay is sick with
grippe and he has been
sick. Mrs Varley called on
mamma. Papa and Sid
went to the Falls
again to-night. They
me[?] after Mr Herbert
(Irrigation) Beatty
. Sid came
and staid [sic] here all night.
They got home about 1

March Wednesday 28(87-278)1900

They have Mr Beatty in
Welland jail Sid was here
for breakfast Mamma
went to the Ladies Aid
meeting and staid [sic] to church.
I took a jar of marmalade
over to Mrs Pay. She is
better. Then I took Beatrice
the Musical programme.
Beatrice and I went up to
Shelley's after cake and I
staid [sic] to tea. Miss G. Chapman
showed us the programme
of the sacred concert to be held in
Queen St. Baptist Church on Monday.

  Thursday 29(88-277) 

I sent 4 cents for some sample
pictures from Beverly Mass.
and I got them last night.
Gen. Joubert commander
of Boer forces died yesterday
at Pretoria. They say Kruger
is to take command. Went
to church in afternoon. Mr
spoke on Matt 6. 10 verses.
"They will be done in earth as
it is in Heaven". Miss V. Chapman
gave me a programme for the
Queen St. Baptist Sacred Concert
Papa, mamma, & I intended going
to Welland Ave. Church to hear
a lecture on Boer War by Dr
Livingstone but we didn't.

March Friday 30(89-276)1900

Carrie is seriously ill in Santa
Barbara. Mr Gould started there
on Wednesday. I sent for
26 picutes from Brown & Co. this
morning. Went uptown when
mamma was sweeping to
the Post and Library. Got The
Pursuit of the House Boat,
by John K. Bangs
. Laura brought
the buttermilk. Mr Coy wanted
papa to go to the Opera House
to-night. The play is

  Saturday 31(90-275) 

Took my lesson. Took the 17th
Etude ad Valse Serenadé
by Godard
. Mrs Trusty came
to iron. Mamma and I
went uptown. It was
premium day at stamp
store. Got 10 stamped. Mamma
got a new waist called
coin spot at Tait's and I
got two rings for a pulley
belt, the newest belt. Saw
Mr Armstrong in Walker & Abbs
and he was asking me
whether I had been having
better luck than when I saw
him last.

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