Diary Page 44



Diary Page 44


1. Possible Märchen by Gustave Hollaender, Op.38 - Zwölf Stücke f. V. m. Pfte. Berlin, Schlesinger, 1890.
Heft 1 - (No. 1–6)


march 16
In the afternoon I went
uptwon. Called for Beatrice
but she was out with
Percy. Went to Eckhardt's
Got my pieces to-day.
Mr. Thomspon was in there.
Went to Dunn's and bought
a shamrock for to-morrow.
He said they came from
Ireland. Mr and Mrs
Pay were over at
night. They played

march 17
St. Patrick's Day. Took my
music lesson. Mr Read
asked me where my green
was and told me to come home
and put it on. Took the "Marsh"[sic]{1}
by Hollaender. The other was
wrong and I had to take it
back. I wanted the one by
Benj. Godard and the one I got
was by Ch. Godard and was
not much good. Very cold.
Mamma and I did the
ironing as Mrs Trusty did
not come.

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