Diary Page 37



Diary Page 37


Mar 2
The Ridley boys were out in full
force yesterday with Kruger's [xxx]
on a stretcher. Yesterday afternoon
was a holiday and the people
were wild. It was papa's
birthday yesterday. They had a
free concert in the Opera House
last night by the band. Got
my music I sent for on Tuesday
and a catalogue besides. Tannhauser
March and Two Larks are pretty, but
the other one is hard.

Mar 8
Took my music lesson Cradle Song
by Mendelssohn. Mr Read played
an introduction and the first part
of a cycle of Japanese songs. The
introduction is very pretty and
is founded upon the Japanese
scale. Mrs Trusty is here.
Mamma and I were uptown.
Mamma got a waist for working
in and me some print for
a blouse waist. We saw Mrs
Pay and she had just been in
Dwyer's before she came uptown,
and the thought old Mrs Dwyer
was dying.

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