Diary Page 39



Diary Page 39


- Death of Mrs Dwyer


Old Mrs Dwyer died this morning
and is to be buried Thursday
in English Church burying ground
at Port. It has been trawing [?]
nearly all day, and the
walking is awful. Papa
got water in over his overshoes
Did not go to school. Wanted
to go to the church, but
walking was too bad.

march 7
The walks have frozen to-day
and the walking is as bad
as ever. Very rough. Miss Eva
Vine fell on Queen St. in
front of Thomson & Moores office
and she was unconcious for 20
minutes. Did not go to school
or church. Was over to Carman's
in afternoon. Ella was showing
me the darning needle work.
Winnie was showing me some
of her Christmas presents. She got
a very nice picture with Mozart, Shubert,
Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Wagner, & Haydn
framed in it. She got a silver pudding
dish with her stamp book.

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[LOCAL]March 6-7, 1900

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