Diary Page 49



Diary Page 49


- Winnie's father goes to Niagara Falls with Sidney Bunting


Marc 26
Made marmalade. Papa and
Sydney Bunting went to the
Falls. Mamma and I
went to the club at night
It was at Armstrong's. There
were only six of the club
there and Mr & Mrs J. Jeffrey
Dr Buchanan, Will Burleigh,
Miss Harris, & Mr Creelman Mrs
Jeffrey's brother. Saw the baby.
Dr Buchanan came home
with mamma & I

March 27
Mamma was out collecting
in afternoon at Mrs Coy's
Mrs Smith's Mrs Reynold's
Mrs Pay is sick with
grippe and he has been
sick. Mrs Varley called on
mamma. Papa and Sid
went to the Falls
again to-night. They
me[?] after Mr Herbert
(Irrigation) Beatty. Sid came
and staid [sic] here all night.
They got home about 1

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[PERSONAL]March 26-27, 1900

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