April Sunday 1(91-274)1900

Went to church in the
morning Sermon Matt. 28-19.
It was nice and warm
this morning. Left my cape
off, and put on my jacket to
my green skirt when I
went to Sunday School. Winnie
is coming to the Bible
class. The lesson was the
"Beatitudes". Papa went for a
walk. Mr. Coy went with him.
Papa, mamma, and I went
to church at night. I think the
sermon was "The Soul, its flight
outward & upwards". Mr Kimberley

  Monday 2(92-273) 

Was raining in the afternoon
and I was going to church
but was misty. Papa and
I intended going to the
concert in the Queen St.
Baptist Church
. But it was
raining harder than ever,
Mrs Read-Muir was the first
on the programme. They had
the Halleluyah chorus of
. Mattie Coy and Mrs
Van Dusen
were in an

April Tuesday 3(93-272)1900

Mamma has my blue waist from
Murray's nearly finished. I started
over to Lee's and I met Mrs Haun
and Mrs Keyes so I had to come
back. I intended going to church
Lillie Carroll was in. Papa and I
went to the confirmation in the
church to-night. There were 5
ministers beside the Bishop. Mayde
and Grace Greenwood, and the 3 Miss
were confirmed. The Bishop
spoke on Gen 3.8 verse. He told about
concience [sic] before a sin was committed
pleading, and telling us to resist and after
it was committed it rebukes.

  Wednesday 4(94-271) 

I sent for some pictures on Friday
from Beverly, Mass and they came
to-day, but they sent them to
the customs, and charged 5 cents
Mamma went to the church
to Auxiliary. Then I went to
the service. Mr. Perry spoke on 1
Peter 1.4 verse. The Bishop staid [sic] at
Merritt's and conducted the Lenten
service in St. George's Church yesterday
afternoon. Papa brought the pictures
home. They are very nice. There are
a lot of them on the "Life of Christ".
Dr & Mrs Klotz were here in
the evening. They played King

1. A card game.

April Thursday 5(95-270)1900

I was over to Mrs Pay's in the
afternoon to see how she was.
She intends having the club on
Monday evening. From there I
went to Inksater's. Mamma ordered
some cotton yesterday, but it did not come
Then I went to church. Mr Perry
spoke on the same verse as yesterday.
"An inheritance uncorruptible, undefiled
and unfading". He said God was the
only person that was not corruptible, defiled
or fading. Mamma, Phoebe & I sent for
some seeds from Steele Bros. I ordered
an elephants ear (variegated).

  Friday 6(96-269) 

Sweep day. In the afternoon
I practiced. Papa brought
home a magazine "The Wide
World, at night. There was
one piece that told about
the awful sufferings
of a missionary in South
and it gave his
picture. Papa went to
a stag party Mr F. Southcott
gave at night. Each had a
carnation and a little Union

April Saturday 7(97-268)1900

Took my music lesson. Mr
heard some good news
about me. Someone from the
college said I was the best young
player in Musical. He wants me
to go to the closing, and after it
start in Sept. to go and practice
duos, quartettes & c. He gave me Basque
Danse, one of his own. I went over
to Leta's in afternoon. Mrs Dudley
she and I went uptown. She
got a new pair of shoes.

  Sunday 8(98-267) 

Went to church. The sermon
was John 12. 19 verse. This is
Palm Sunday. I put up
some of the Brown pictures
in my room when I got
home. Went to Sunday School
Lizzie came to meet me. Our
lesson on the paper was "Christ
Crucified", but Mrs Haun
took the regular lesson
Precepts and Promises. Papa
and mamma went for a
walk. Did not go to
church at night.

April Monday 9(99-266)1900

Staid [sic] at home and practiced
to-day as the club meets
at Mrs Pay's to-night.
Papa, mamma and I went.
Notmans couldn't come so
Mrs Pay got Percy and
Beatrice to come. Armstrongs
and Macgregor's were there
Beatrice won the ladies prize
a bottle of perfume. Mr
the gentleman's a
knife and Mr Armstrong
the booby a chocolate hen.
Papa borrowed a book "Farmer Ballads.

  Tuesday 10(100-265) 

At noon papa brought home
a box of seeds from Steele's
My elephant's ear was in it
The bulbs will come later
Mamma got a letter from
Aunt Allie she is not coming
next week. We heard from
Carrie she is much better. I
went to Keatings to have one
of my little pictures framed a
head of Christ. Got 'A Kentucky
" out of the library.
Annie Lloyd came home with
me as far as Lock II hill.
They had a great time at school. They
got up a petition not to go to
school next two days everybody signed
it and John caught them

April Wednesday 11(101-264)1900

Mrs Trusty is sick so we had a
Miss Freeman to wash. Early in
the afternoon I went over to Dwyer's
and asked Beatrice to go with
me to Granite Hall to practice my piece
We went, and I came home
with her. Then she came
home with me for tea.
We played euchre, and
beat all but one game Papa
went to Thorold. Percy came
after Beatrice. They leave some
violets out, and they smell
like spring. Raining hard.

  Thursday 12(102-263) 

Went over to Lee's in morning
looks like rain. We were
to have our ironing done
but she had to go to S. Smith's
to wash. Mamma and I went
to Musical at night. Mrs Camp
led to-night. Mrs Marquis was
the only married person on the
programme (nearly all Misses). Bella
played "Moment Musical"
Scharwenka. The best one
was a Rondo for two pianos
by Chopin
. Miss Paterson first
piano and Mrs Marquis
the second. I think I got
through mine alright.

AprilGood Friday (Dominion)Friday 13(103-262)1900

Papa went to Port Colborne
then if he had time he was
going to Ridgeway. Miss
came to iron in morning
went to church. Lizzie saw me
coming and met me. Mr
spoke on the first
three sayings out of seven
words on the cross. He intends
speaking on other four to-night.
Papa came home. He brought
a picture of Hibbard's store
in Ridgeway.

  Saturday 14(104-261) 

Took my music lesson. Have
the 19th Etude and C# minor
valse of Chopin
. Mr Zimmerman
brought our syrup, then
after he came for dinner.
We had an old man cleaning
the yard. Mamma and
I went uptown. She
bought goods for me a
suit and a shirt for
herself. Intend having
an Eton jacket. My suit is
brown. Got "What is Good
" out of library. The
Musician came to-day.
Went to Mrs Sullivan's.

April Sunday 15(105-260)1900

Went to church in morning.
They had a few flowers around
the pulpit. The choir sang
Awake Thou that Sleepest "by Maker"
and Mr. Kimberley sang. Sermon
Rom 6. 4.5 Staid [sic] to Communion in
morning. The Sunday School had
a service in church. Papa & mamma
were for a walk. We all went
at night. Sermon Mark 16. 4.5. The
anthumn [sic] was an excerpt from
Dudley Burk's Cantata. Christ the
Victor. Mattie Coy sang The Lord
is Risen" from Arthur Sullivan's
"Light of the World".

 Easter Monday (Dominion)Monday 16(106-259) 

The old man finished
cleaning the yard to-day.
Mrs Burrows was
married to Mr Powell.
She was married in St.
. Mrs Pay was
over in the afternoon.
She was in Toronto last
week. She brought us
some dried corn. The
annual vestry meeting of
our church was held
to-night, Papa was going
with Mr Coy but he
wouldn't go. I took a "Chase"
and did not feel well.

April Tuesday 17(107-258)1900

Looks like rain and very
gloomy. I went calling
Took Beatrice the musical
programme. Percy sent for
a skeleton calendar, and
he got it. Went to see
Miss Crawford. They were
going out for tea so I did
not stay long Mamma
went collecting. When I got
home Ella was there.
Mamma came home, changed
her skirt, and went uptown.

  Wednesday 18(108-257) 

Very warm like summer.
I went up to Tait's in
morning before 9 o'oclock
to change a pair of corsets.
Papa and Mr Marquis
went to Thorold.
Mamma went to see
Mr Ross, Mrs Trusty and then
to the church. It started to
rain hard in afternoon and
after it stopped I went to
Mrs Sullivan's. She will be
ready on Monday. Enough to
make anyone swear. Saw Helen.
Went to papas as it started to
pour. Got a wall flower they
had rooted in water.

April Thursday 19(109-256)1900

Mamma went collecting this
afternoon, and I was to
meet her uptown. Took a
net doily to Winnie. I went to
office and waited for mamma.
We went to Anderson's Had two
hats sent down. Papa mamma,
and I went to the "Little Minister"1.
at night. It was fine. The
minister had a queer head. Babbie
was pretty. Mr Ira A. Hards took
the part of Gavin Dishart the minister
and Adelaide Thurston Lady Babbie.
Got some medicine from Cincinnati.

  Friday 20(110-255) 

Went uptown in morning.
Got some white ribbon for
a tie and belt at Miss Anderson's
Changed library book, got "In
Deacon's Order" by Walter Besant

Was talking to Lulu Riggins.
Winnie and Ella were over
at night, Winnie is going to
start Monday night and is
married next week. Papa had
to go uptown. They had
"Faust" in the Opera House
to-night. I would like to
have seen it. Picked out
a hat. A brown trimmed
with ivy, brown chiffon and
pink silk.

1. Possibly reference to the play based on the novel by the same title written by Sir James Mathew Barrie (best know for his novel Peter Pan). The play opened on Broadway in 1897.

April Saturday 21(111-254)1900

Took my music lesson. Mr Read
was not ready so Mrs Campbell
gave me a book to read.
Had to go to Eckhartt's after
two pieces Romance Op 42. No 1
by Grünfeld
and Valse
Arabasque by Th. Lack
. Lizzie
came in when I was there.
My eyeglasses broke. Had them
fixed this afternoon. Mamma and
I were uptown. Have our stamp book
full got a silver pudding dish.
Papa and Dr Kilner were out. Got
a pike, mudeates[?] & perch. Frank Overholt of South
Africa is home.

  Sunday 22(112-253) 

Went to church in morning.
We had Mr McGinnis and
Mr Perry preached in Grantham
and Virgil. Sermon Cor. 15 35.
Very warm and spring like.
Mamma, papa and I
went down Ontario St for
a walk. Took Dexter. Did
not go to Sunday School
Papa mamma & I went
to church at night. Had
Mr McGinnis again. Sermon
Num. 13. 30. Lizzie kept
mamma and I on the
corner for about half an

April Monday 23(113-252)1900

Our bulbs came from
Steele's to-day a clematis
agapanthus, & gay queen,
chrysanthemums Ross was
here cleaning shutters. I
went uptown to Mrs
. Saw Allie Coy.
Got my little picture from
Keatings of Christ. Got a
book out of library Christ
in Art. Mamma & I went
over to Carman's to bid Winnie
goodbye. Papa went to Falls.

  Tuesday 24(114-251) 

Mr Ross was here washing
the shutters. Mamma went
out calling and collecting
in afternoon. Men came to
take storm windows off
I took my wheel out for first
time and rode up Ontario,
where I met Helen & Francis
. Lizzie was down
after some foxgloves. Mamma
and papa went to Dwyer's
Nobody home so they went
to Coy's.

April Wednesday 25(115-250)1900

Mrs Trusty is here. Beatrice
came over in afternoon to
have me to go to Port, but I had
to go to Mrs Sullivan's. Took
library book back and got "Dr
Luttrell's First Patient
". Met Leta
when I was coming home
and went back uptown with
her. Mamma was at church
Ladies Aid. There are going to have
a social a week from Tuesday.
Each house has to bring a cup &
saucer for admission. Mr Perry
wants me to play.

  Thursday 26(116-249) 

Beatrice brought a waist home.
Then she was going to the Hall
to Practice. I went as far as
James with her. Then to Mrs
and to Eckhardt's
Got Romanze Op 42 No 1 by A. Grünfeld
The other will be here to-morrow.
Mamma & I went to bush. Got a
lot of addertongue snakeflower, &
trilliums. Took Carman's some
The Grange Hall bush is all cut down
Mamma & I called for Beatrice & Percy.
Mr Read was at the Musical and
gave a paper on the "National
Characteristics in Music. They
had a Sextette. Mr Thompson's
pieces were the best. This is the last

April Friday 27(117-248)1900

In the afternoon I went to
Eckhardt's after Valse Arabesque
by Lack
. Then to Mrs
. She had jacket
done and skirt nearly done.
As I was coming home
Queen St. I saw Hattie and
then we caught Mrs Pay
as I was talking to Mrs
Pay Mr Perry came past
and asked me to play at
church. Stella Smith is
coming over to-morrow. Mrs
is very sick.

  Saturday 28(118-247) 

Took my music lesson.
Mr Read was talking to
me about the Musical.
I have to play "Au Matin"
at the church. He wants
me to come to Demill next
Thursday. I went uptown
for mamma in afternoon
then she and I went for
a drive down Lake St.
through Port. & to Ross'
Mrs Sullivans & home.
Papa went out to Lake St
frog ponds. My suit came
home to-night. Bought
a thimble of Fred Smith.

April Sunday 29(119-246)1900

Went to church in morning
Sermon St. John II. 11 verse. It was
about the first miracle of Christ
the marriage in Cana of Galilee
Beatrice and I went around by
Pay's to see if Stella Smyth
came. She didn't. Went to
Sunday School in afternoon.
Mamma and papa went
for a drive. Mamma got
some hepaticas on the bank
of eighteen. White, blue, pink
ones. Did not go to church.
Had fresh mudeats[?] & a pike for tea.

  Monday 30(120-245) 

Took a book & bowl home to
Mrs Pay's. Papa did not come
home for dinner as Mr F.
was there. Mamma
and I went to Mrs
and I stopped
at Riggins to see Lulu. Mamma
and Mrs Pay went over to
call on Mrs Hull. She was not
home, down at
Collins. Mrs Collins is not expected to live
Mamma bought a Scarlet Pamela
and Paul Neyson [sic] rose (pink.) Mrs
brought over a pink fall
phlox and we gave her a
white one.

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