Diary Page 58



Diary Page 58


- Winnie's father goes to Port Colborne and Ridgeway


April 13
Papa went to Port Colborne
then if he had time he was
going to Ridgeway. Miss
Freeman came to iron in morning
went to church. Lizzie saw me
coming and met me. Mr
Perry spoke on the first
three sayings out of seven
words on the cross. He intends
speaking on other four to-night.
Papa came home. He brought
a picture of Hibbard's store
in Ridgeway.

April 14
Took my music lesson. Have
the 19{th} Etude and C# minor
valse of Chopin. Mr Zimmerman
brough our syrup, then
after he came for dinner.
We had an old man cleaning
the yard. Mamma and
I went uptown. She
bought goods for me a
suit and a shirt for
herself. Intend having
an Eton jacket. My suit is
brown. Got "What is Good
Music" out of library. The
Musician came to-day.
Went to Mrs Sullivan's.

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[PERSONAL]April 13, 1900

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