Diary Page 61



Diary Page 61


- Faust at Opera House


April 19
Mamma went collecting this
afternoon, and I was to
meet her uptown. Took a
net doily to Winnie. I went to
office and waited for mamma.
We went to Anderson's Had two
hats sent down. Papa mamma,
and I went to the "Little Minister"{1}.
at night. It was fine. The
minister had a queer head. Babbie
was pretty. Mr Ira A. Hards took
the part of Cavin [sic] Dishart the minister
and Adelaide Thurston Lady Babbie.
Got some medicine from Cincinnati.

April 20
Went uptown in morning.
Got some white ribbon for
a tie and belt at Miss Anderson's
Changed library book, got "In
Deacon's Order" by Walter Besant
Was talking to Lulu Riggins.
Winnie and Ella were over
at night, Winnie is going to
start Monday night and is
married next week. Papa had
to go uptown. They had
"Faust" in the Opera House
to-night. I would like to
have seen it. Picked out
a hat. A brown trimmed
with ivy, brown chiffon and
pink silk.

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[LOCAL]April 19-20, 1900

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