Diary Page 53



Diary Page 53


Mrs haun
Mrs Keyes
Lillie Carroll
Mayde Couglas
Beverly, Mass
Mr Perry
St. George Church
Dr & Mrs Klots
King Pedro


April 3
Mamma has my blue waist from
Murray's nearly finished. I started
over to Lee's and I met Mrs Haun
and Mrs Keyes so I had to come
back. I intended going to church
Lillie Carroll was in. Papa and I
went to the confirmation in the
church to-night. There were 5
ministers beside the Bishop. Mayde
and Grace Greenwood, and the 3 Miss
Cougles were confirmed. The Bishop
spoke on Gen 3.8 verse. He told about
concience [sic] before a sin was committed
pleading, and telling us to resist and after
it was committed it rebukes.

april 4
I sent for some pictures on Firday
from Beverly, Mass and they came
to-day, but they sent them to
the customs, and charged 5 cents
Mamma went to the church
to auxiliary. Then I went to
the service. Mr. Perry spoke on 1
Peter 1.4 verse. The Bishop staid [sic] at
Merritt's and conducted the Lenten
service in St. George's Church yesterday
afternoon. Papa brought the pictures
home. They are very nice. There are
a lot of them on the "Life of Christ".
Dr & Mrs Klots were here in
the evening. They played King

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