Diary Page 66



Diary Page 66


April 29
Went to church in morning
Sermon St. John II. 11 verse. It was
about the first miracle of Christ
the marriage in Cana of Galilee
Beatrice and I went around by
Pay's to see if Stella Smyth
come. She didn't. Went to
Sunday School in afternoon.
Mamma and papa went
for a drive. Mamma got
some hepaticas on the bank
of eighteen. White, blue, pink
ones. Did not go to church.
Had fresh mudeats[?] & a pike for tea.

April 30
Took a book & bowl home to
Mrs Pay's. Papa did not come
home for dinner as Mr F.
Overholdt was there. Mamma
and I went to Mrs
Sullivan's and I stopped
at Riggins to see Lulu. Mamma
and Mrs Pay went over to
call on Mrs Hull. She was not
home, down at Collins. Mrs
Collins is not expected to live
Mamma bought a Scarlet [xxx]
and Paul Neyson [sic]{1} rose (pink.) Mrs
Coy brought over a pink fall
phlox and we gave her a
white one.

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