Diary Page 60



Diary Page 60


- Winnie's father and Mr Marquis go to Thorold


April 17
Looks like rain and very
gloomy. I went calling
Took Beatrice the musical
programme. Percy sent for
a skeleton calendar, and
he got it. Went to see
Miss Crawford. They were
going out for tea so I did
not stay long Mamma
went collecting. When I got
home Ella was there.
Mamma came home, changed
her skirt, and went uptown.

Aptil 18
Very warm like summer.
I went up to Tait's in
morning before 9 o'oclock
to change a pair of corsets.
Papa and Mr Marquis
went to Thorold.
Mamma went to see Mr
Ross, Mrs Trusty and then
to the church. It started to
rain hard in afternoon and
after it stopped I went to
Mrs Sullivan's. She will be
ready on Monday. Enough to
make anyone swear. Saw Helen.
Went to papas as it started to
pour. Got a wall flower they
had rooted in water.

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[PERSONAL]April 17-18, 1900

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