Diary Page 52



Diary Page 52


- Concert at Queen St. Baptist


april 1
Went to church in the
morning Sermon Matt. 28-19.
It was nice and warm
this morning. Left my cape
off, and put on my jacket to
my green skirt when I
went to Sunday School. Winnie
Rolls is coming to the Bible
class. The lesson was the
"Beatitudes". Papa went for a
walk. Mr. Coy went with him.
Papa, mamma, and I went
to church at night. I think the
sermon was "The Soul, its flight
outward & upwards". Mr Kimberley

April 2
Was raining in the afternoon
and I was going to church
but was misty. Papa and
I intended going to the
concert in the Queen St.
Baptist Church. But it was
raining harder than ever,
Mrs Read-Muir was the first
on the programme. They had
the Halleluyah chorus of
Handel's. Mattie Coy and Mrs
Van Dusen were in an

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[LOCAL]April 1-2, 1900

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