Diary Page 65



Diary Page 65


April 27
In the afternoon I went to
Eckhardt's after Valse Arabesque
by Lack. Then to Mrs
Sullivan's. She had jacket
done and skirt nearly done.
As I was coming home
Queen St. I saw Hattie and
then we caught Mrs Pay
as I was talking to Mrs
Pay Mr Perry came past
and asked me to play at
church. Stella Smith is
coming over to-morrow. Mrs
Jones is very sick.

April 28
Took my music lesson.
Mr Read was talking to
me about the Musical.
I have to play "Au Matin"
at the church. He wants
me to come to Demill next
Thursday. I went uptown
for mamma in afternoon
then she and I went for
a drive down Lake St.
through Port. & to Ross'
Mrs Sullivans & home.
Papa went out to Lake St
frog ponds. My suit came
home to-night. Bought
a thimble of Fred Smith.

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