Diary Page 54



Diary Page 54


- Winnie's father attends Southcott stag party


April 5
I was over to Mrs Pay's in the
afternoon to see how she was.
She intends having the club on
Monday evening. From there I
went to Inksater's. Mamma ordered
some cotton yesterday, but it did not come
Then I went to church. Mr Perry
spoke on the same verse as yesterday.
"An inheritance uncorruptible, undefiled
and unfading". He said God was the
only person that was not corruptible, defiled
or fading. Mamma, Phoebe & I sent for
some seeds from Steele Bros. I ordered
and elephants ear (vatiegated).

April 6
Sweep day. In the afternoon
I practiced. Papa brought
home a magazine "The Wide
World, at night, There was
one piece that told about
the awful sufferings
of a missionary in South
Africe{1} and it gave his
picture. Papa went to
a stag party Mr F. Southcott
gave at night. Each had a
carnation and a little Union

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[LOCAL]April 5-6, 1900

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1. Tonkin, Dr. T. J. "A Missionary Martyr in the West Africa". The Wide World Magazine, IV.24, (1900) pp 670-76. Winnie may have the setting of the article confused with another which appears in the same issue, Hartley Knight, "South Africa Snap-Shot", pp 709-15 https://archive.org/details/wideworldmagazin04londuoft/page/670

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