Diary Page 56



Diary Page 56


Mrs Pay
Notman's, Percy, Beatrice, Macgregor, Armstrong, Steeles Bros.
Aunt Allie
Annie Lloyd


April 9
Staid [sic] at home and practiced
to-day as the club meets
at Mrs Pay's to-night.
Papa, mamma and I went.
Notman's[?] couldn't come so
Mrs Pay got Percy and
Beatrice to come. Armstrongs
and Macgregor's were there
Beatrice won the ladies prize
a bottle of perfume. Mr
Macgregor the gentleman's a
knife and Mr Armstrong
the booley[?] a chocolate hen.
Papa borrowed a book "Farmer Ballads.

APril 10
At noon papa brought home
a box of seeds from Steele's
My elephant's ear was in it
The bulbs will come later
Mamma got a letter from
Aunt Allie she is not coming
next week. We heard from
Carrie she is much better. I
went to Keatings to have one
of my little pictures framed a
head of Christ. Got 'A Kentucky
Cardinal" out of the library.
Annie Lloyd came home with
me as far as Lock II hill.
They had a great time at school. They
got up a petition not to go to
school next two days everybody signed
it and John can get[?] them

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