December Saturday 1(335-30)1900

Took my music lesson.
When I went Mr. Read was
standing outside pounding
the door and we had to
wait for about five minutes.
Have "Valse Chromatique" by Leschitzky.
Fixed Eva's penwipers. Then
I called for Beatrice to go uptown
but she had to go to the Dennyson
. Got a library book "Letters on
Music" by Ehlert
. Bought Eva's Christmas
present "The Twentieth Door, by Sheldon.
Beatrice & I were in to Henderson’s
May ran a needle in her foot.

  Sunday 2(336-29) 

Eva was in to show her new
furs. Went to church.
Sermon XII, 11 verse. A young man
sat in our seat. Eva was over
again with a new hat. Then
I went to Sunday School,
The lesson was on the
"Rich Young Ruler, Matt 19. Did not
go out at night. We have
new lesson leaflets.
Have pictures on the lesson,
and a short story Read
"The Twentieth Door & Letters for

December Monday 3(337-28)1900

A lovely day. Mamma and
I went uptown in the
afternoon to see about
a new hat for me. Had
a whale grebe [?] & some green
velvet for it. Got some silk
for ties. Went over to Myer's
& mamma went to Mrs
Pays. Saw Mrs Dudley
stopped in Pays for mamma.
Got "Dr Glenne’s[?] Daughter"
out of the library.

  Tuesday 4(338-27) 

Raining again Papa got the
Christmas Globe last night
and the new book by
Marie Corelli "The Master
. The Globe has
one very pretty water color
sketch. Got the letter
ready to night to send
for a year's subscription
to the "Etude". My
tie ends are finished.
The Band has a concert
assisted by Harold Jarvis
in the Opera House.

December Wednesday 5(339-26)1900

Mamma went up to the
church to help quilt.
Then at night I got
ready and was to meet
Beatrice at Pay’s. Ida Ross
was with them. A little
kitten followed us in the
church. Mrs Perry took it home.
Molly Phelps & Nora McClelland played Mabel
sang. The debate was, "State
Support in higher education is not
beneficial to Canada." The affirmative
were Mr Prior, Fern Healey & the negative
Mr. Richards & Roy Gobb; the negative won.

  Thursday 6(340-25) 

Eva is sick and came over this
morning, I was ready to go
uptown. Eva came over and
went with me. She bought
a rose for me at Mr Whiting's
and the old thing broke off
about ten minutes after. Was
to Miss Andersons to try on
my hat. It looks swell.
Eva bought her mother a
calendar and then went to the
church to practice. I called into
Chapman's to see if Genevra would
sing next Wednesday night as
I have change of the programme
then called at Allie's & she was
out so I was disappointed all around. 

December Friday 7(341-24)1900

Cleaned my bicycle and papa's.
The spokes were all rusty
Practiced all afternoon.
Then when papa came
home at night he asked
mamma and I whether we
would like to go & hear
Dr Barrie who has just
returned from South Africa.
So we went. The meeting
was held in the First
Presbyterian Church
. Christened
my new hat.

  Saturday 8(342-23) 

Took my lessons this
morning. Have "Papillion [sic]" by
for next day. He told
me my rhythm was much
better than it used to be.
Got Allie to play for me
next Wednesday night. She
has a dear little kitten.
We have two ducks, spareribs &
sausage. I think we will have
enough to eat. Mamma & I were
uptown in afternoon. I bought
a rubber doll & horse for the
Dorsey children. Collin's Weekly
is illustrated very nicely
with colored pictures this week.

December Sunday 9(343-22)1900

This is our anniversary
Sunday. We had Rev. Arthur
. His sermon in the
morning was on Heaven John 3-13
Eva was in. Went to Sunday School
Mr Murphy addressed us. Song of
Solomon II 15. The girls are talking
of giving Mrs Haun a
Christmas present. Papa, mamma
& I were out at night. Sermon'
God's Love II Samuel IX. 3 verse. I am
reading "Home Influence" by
Grace Aguilar

  Monday 10(344-21) 

In the afternoon I went
uptown to change two
presents I got on Saturday
for Phoebe. They did not
suit. Then I went to the
library and got the
"Etude" from Jany [sic] to June
1900. Mamma was out
calling. Called on Mrs
, Dudley, McLean. Mrs Dwyer
is going to have the club
Thursday night as Percy  
is coming home to-night.

December Tuesday 11(345-20)1900

Did not do much all day.
Had quite a small snow
blizzard in the
afternoon. Then at night
mamma and I went
to the Musical. Its first
meeting for the year.
Mr Williams is Editor in
place of Mr Burrell. The
first piece was nice "Morsica"
by Oliver King
, the second was
better. Improvisata by Reinecke.
Mrs Marquis & Mrs Chaplin played the 1st
& Miss Paterson & Miss Chaplin the 2nd.

  Wednesday 12(346-19) 

Mamma had to go to the
church in the afternoon to
keep quiet. She was in
to McLaren about a set of
dishes. When papa came
home to supper he had
a letter from Allie saying
she cannot play. So I have to.
Papa went with me. Kate
Sutton played a valse & I played
Bolero by Jadassohn. Mr McIntyre
gave a fine lecture on his
trip. Then I played, "God Save the Queen".
I got a little mixed on it. Papa
& I had to go home with Miss
McGibbon. Ella was over at night.

December Thursday 13(347-18)1900

Was in the house all day.
Kate Sutton & I got a little
puff in the Journal. Papa,
mamma & I went over to
Dwyer's at night. All the
old Club were there. Mr
Pay was late. I nearly got
the prize. Mrs Macgregor
won it. A little cream & sugar
Mr Notman won the gentleman’s
& Mrs Notman the booby a calendar
& candy roaster. I helped with
the eatables. Bertha Read was

  Friday 14(348-17) 

Eva was in at noon and
she has her watch. A very
nice little nickel one.
She had her pictures taken
and brought me one.
Mamma had to go to
the church to quilt.
Am reading the "Etude"

December Saturday 15(349-16)1900

Mr. Read was not at Mrs Campbell’s
when I got there so little Lloyd
played me a piece and
said “That is my lesson“ Took my
lesson. They have started a Musical
in Port. Got the “Etude” to-day.
Like it very much. It is a Wagner
number. Went uptown. Bought
a calendar for Lizzie. Got some
grey matting for my little pictures
of musicians. Bought mamma’s
present a little oak tabourette.
Got the matting ready for the pictures

  Sunday 16(350-15) 

Went to church in the morning.
Sermon on Gen XXV. 31 verse. Came
down Queen Street with
Beatrice, Eva brought my
book home. Was at Sunday
School. Lesson "Zacchaeus, the
Publican". All the Bible class
staid [sic] after Sunday School
to see about Mrs Haun's
present. We only have $2.50
and Winnie Rolls, Miss
Francis and I have to
go to morrow and
pick it out.

December Monday 17(351-14)1900

Finished my pictures I was
fixing of musicians. At 3.30
Winnie Rolls and Miss
Francis called for me as we
have to pick out Mrs Haun's
present. We were to see Miss
Keyes then went around to
Ridley & got a quarter out of
Mrs Smith. We got an ebony
brush & comb & imitation ebony
mirror. It cost $3.00. Got some
blue ribbon for my

  Tuesday 18(352-13) 

Mild out to-day. Finished
my harmony I got another
picture I want mounted
a landscape. Mamma
went uptown. Sent some
money with her to get some
stuff for a bag for Aunt Allie &
a gray & green mat. I mounted
both pictures at night.
Papa went to Sid
to-night. Mrs
Kennedy of St. Louis
died yesterday. Demill
had its closing
exercises to-night.

December Wednesday 19(353-12)1900

Got our new set of dishes
from McLaren's so mamma
& I had a washing time
all morning Mrs Trusty is
here. Mamma went uptown
by herself this afternoon.
I went over to Coy's to see
if Mattie would sing next
Wednesday then I went to
Allie's. I got her to play all
right. She is going to get a
new fur coat from everybody.

  Thursday 20(354-11) 

Yesterday morning I fixed a
picture of Pharoah's [sic] horses on
a piece of gray mat I had
left. We are making fruit
cake. Eva come in early
this morning with her
eyes as large as saucers
said "I have bad new"
The next door neighbors
have diptheria [sic]. Dr O'Glynn
and Sidney were here
for tea. They played
King Pedro1 after.

1. A card game.

December Friday 21(355-10)1900

Mamma is not feeling well to-day
Mrs Trusty came in the
afternoon to iron. Mamma &
I went uptown. Mamma got
Eva a silver bean for her
bracelet & we got a little
strawberry cream pitcher for
Annie Trusty. I bought papa
a Fountain pen, at Fairfield's.
There is a confirmation in
St. George's to-night. Miss
& Mrs Moore have a
ball to-night.

  Saturday 22(356-9) 

Took my lesson. Have "Ich liebe
" for two weeks from
to-day as I don't have to take a
lesson next week. A lovely
day. Called in Coy's. Mattie
cannot sing. Miss Clarke came
to give Dell a lesson. I went
out in the afternoon. Took Lizzie's
calendar called at Chapman's
to see if Genevra could sing. She
is away. Went to Greenwood's. Mabel
will sing I was up to office and
papa gave me money to get Eva a
hatpin. Got a sample copy of
the "Musician" for December. Sent Aunt
bag off. Was at Dwyer's. Beatrice
was uptown. Then went down to

December Sunday 23(357-8)1900

Very rainy about church
time so I did not go in
the morning. Eva brought
papa a piece of hyrianthe[?].
Went to Sunday School with
Mrs Haun's present. Lesson
Matt II. 1-18. Mrs Haun surprised
us by giving each one a
prayer & hymn book, then
we surprised her. Lizzie was
there. Papa, mamma & I were
at church. Sermon on Beatitudes
Matt V, 8. Papa went for a walk.
The Young People’s Association is postponed
for a week after all my trouble.

  Monday 24(358-7) 

I did not intend going uptown
but McLaren sent the tabourette
I got for mamma and it
was all scratched so I went
up to give them a setting out.
They did not have another like
it so I have to give 30¢ more.
Mamma got Tommy a ball
& Phoebe got him a box of
candy. Mamma gave Dell Coy a
box of candy. I took Eva and Tom's
presents over. Papa went
uptown at night.

DecemberChristmas Day (Dom.)Tuesday 25(359-6)1900

Sermon Isiah 60.-1.2.3.
Merry Christmas & C [?] - Eva was over
early with her presents. I went
to church, Papa came in too. He
was uptown. I was going to stay
after church but I came home
with him. The first thing we saw was
the deer's head, & then Dr Harry sent
me a lovely 2 lb. box of candy, papa 3 boxes of
cigars & Mrs Tulley sent mamma a handker-
chief. Mrs Overholt sent a teapot handle.
Ate & ate till we are sick. Tom brought
his presents in. Lizzie brought me a pretty little
blue pincushion. I was down to Smith's for
some grapes for Eva as she was afraid.

  Wednesday 26(360-5) 

Papa took a chest protector to Dr.
. Dr Abbott sent it I did not
have time to say what mamma
& papa gave me. Mamma's present was
a pretty [xxx] waist & papa's pair
of kid gloves & a bottle of perfume.
About 10 30 Aunt Allie came
in. We did not expect her.
We went uptown in the
afternoon as Aunt Allie
wanted to see some capes.
Went into McLaren's & Tait's.
I settled my bill at McLaren's
was in the library. Got Sarah
de Berenger, by J Ingelow
. Bought
some gray matting.

December Thursday 27(361-4)1900

Got a Christmas Globe yesterday
for 25¢ for Phoebe for Mrs Uttler[?]. At
noon we got some presents
from Mame a handkerchief
for mamma, a book about
Burningham for Phoebe & a
calendar for me. Aunt
& I have been
washing dishes. Got all
my Harmony done. Hurrah!
Sunday School Xmas concert
to-night. Did not go.

  Friday 28(362-3) 

Have been fixing pictures nearly
all day. I had to wash the
dinner dishes as mamma
had to go uptown with
Aunt Allie about her cape.
She bought a new skirt.
Papa, mamma & I went to
A. Macgregor's as the club met
there Colin Macgregor was there &
Mr & Mrs S. Jenkon[?] Mrs Dwyer
won ladies, Mr Pay gentlemen's
Mr Dwyer the booby. They
were a pomade[?] glass. A very large
cup and a paperweight.

December Saturday 29(363-2)1900

Seems funny to not have to
take a lesson. Mamma &
Aunt Allie were uptown
again to-day. Aunt Allie got
a capenine[?] of persian Lamb [sic]
& bearskin for aunt Rebecca.
She started for Ridgeway on
the 6.06 train. Did not to [sic]
much of anything. Eva was
in to have her hair curled
last night for their

  Sunday 30(364-1) 

Did not go to church this
morning as I have a bad
coldsore [sic] on my lip. And by
Sunday School time it was
no better so I did not go.
Eva was over. Brought one
of her Christmas presents
"Grandma Elsie" over for me
to read and I lent her
"Tip Lewis and his Lamp". Papa,
mamma and I went to Church
at night Sermon on the
Beatitudes "Blessed are the
peacemakers". Came home
with Coys and papa & mamma
went to their place with
them. Papa came home first & Allie
came with him.

December Monday 31(365)1900

A rather gloomy day. Mamma swept
this morning. Finished
Eva's book. In the afternoon
we got a very pretty
azaela [sic]. Think it came
from Mrs Pay. Papa
went to the Falls to-
night, and will go to
Black Creek in the morning.
Fern Healy was down
at night to see about
Wednesday night. Dr Greenwood
was here at night

Tuesday Jany 1st 1901

The first day of the 20th century
They had a service in
the church last night
Got some old medicine
this morning. Eva was
over. Papa came home
to–night. He never told

Mattie last night at all
and now I don't know
who to get for to-morrow.

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