Diary pg 178 Dec 9-10



Diary pg 178 Dec 9-10


Rev. Arthur Murphy
Mr Murphy
Mrs Haun
Home Influence by Grace Aguilar
Phoebe Price
Mrs Dwyer


Dec 9
This is our anniversary
Sunday. We had Rev. Arthur
Murphy. His sermon in the
morning was on Heaven John 3-13
Eva was in. Went to Sunday School
Mr Murphy addressed us. Song of
Solomon II [?] The girls are talking
of giving Mrs Haun a
Christmas present. Papa, mamma
& I were out at night. Sermon’
God’s Love II Samuel IX. 3 verse. I am
reading “Home Influence” by
Grace Aguilar.

Dec 10
In the afternoon I went
uptown to change two
presents I got on Saturday
for Phoebe. They did not
suit. Then I went to the
library and got the
“Etude” from Jany [sic] to June
1900. Mamma was out
calling. Called on Mrs
Dwyer, Dudley, McLean. Mrs Dwyer
is going to have the club
Thursday night as Percy
is coming home to-night.

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