Diary pg 176 Dec 5-6



Diary pg 176 Dec 5-6


- Debate on "State Support in Higher Education"


Dec 5
Mamma went up to the
church to help quilt.
Then at night I got
ready and was to meet
Beatrice at Pay’s. Ida Ross
was with them. A little
kitten followed us in the
church. Mrs Perry took it home.
Molly Phelps & Nora McClelland played Mabel
Greenwood sang. The debate was, “Slate
Support in higher education is not
beneficial to Canada.” The affirmative
were Mr Prior, Fern Healey & the negative
Mr. Richards & Roy Grabb; the negative won.

Dec 6
Eva is sick and came over this
morning, I was ready to go
uptown. Eva came over and
went with me. She bought
a rose for me at Mr Whiting’s
and the old thing broke off
about ten minutes after. Was
to Miss Andersons to try on
my hat. It looks swell.
Eva bought her mother a
calendar and then went to the
church to practice. I called into
Chapman’s to see if Genevra would
sing next Wednesday night as
I have change of the programme
then called at Allie’s & she was
out so I was disappointed all around.

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[LOCAL]December 5-6, 1900

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