Diary pg 185 Dec 23-24



Diary pg 185 Dec 23-24


Mrs Haun
Young People’s Association
Phoebe Price
Dell Coy


Dec 23
Very rainy about church
time [?] so I did not go in
the morning. Eva brought
papa a piece of hyrianthe[?].
Went to Sunday School with
Mrs Haun’s present. Lesson
Matt II. 1-18. Mrs Haun surprised
us by giving each one a
prayer & hymn book, then
we surprised her. Lizzie was
there. Papa, mamma & I were
at church. Sermon on Beatitudes
Matt V, 8. Papa went for a walk.
The Young People’s Association is postponed
for a week after all my trouble.

Dec 24
I did not intend going uptown
but McLaren sent the tabourette
I got for mamma and it
was all scratched so I went
up to give them a setting out.
They did not have another like
it so I have to give 30¢ more.
Mamma got Tommy a ball
& Phoebe got him a box of
candy. Mamma gave Dell Coy a
box of candy. I took Eva and Tom’s
presents over. Papa went
uptown at night.

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