Diary pg 181 Dec 15-16



Diary pg 181 Dec 15-16


- Musical started in Port


Dec 15
Mr. Read was not at Mrs Campbell’s
when I got there so little Lloyd
Carpenter played me a piece and
said “That is my lesson“ Took my
lesson. They have started a Musical
in Port. Got the “Etude” to-day.
Like it very much. It is a Wagner
number. Went uptown. Bought
a calendar for Lizzie. Got some
grey matting for my little pictures
of musicians. Bought mamma’s
present a little oak tabourette.
Got the matting ready for the pictures

Dec 16
Went to church in the morning.
Sermon on Gen XXV. 31 verse. Came
down Queen Stree with
Beatrice, Eva brought my
book home. Was at Sunday
School. Lesson "Zacchaeus, the
Publican". All the Bible class
staid [sic] after Sunday School
to see about Mrs Haun's
present. We only have $2.50
and Winnie Rolls, Miss
Francis and I have to
go to morrow and
pick it out.

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[LOCAL]December 15-16, 1900

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