Diary pg 188 Dec 29-30



Diary pg 188 Dec 29-30


Aunt Allie
aunt Rebecca
Grandma Elsie
Tip Lewis and this Lamp


Dec 29
Seems funny to not have to
take a lesson. Mamma &
Aunt Allie were uptown
again to-day. Aunt Allie got
a capenine[?] of persian Lamb [sic]
& bearskin for aunt Rebecca.
She started for Ridgeway on
the 6.06 train. Did not to [sic]
much of anything. Eva was
in to have her hair curled
last night for their

Dec 30
Did not go to church this
morning as I have a bad
coldsore [sic] on my lip. And by
Sunday School time it was
no better so I did not go.
Eva was over. Brought one
of her Christmas presents
“Grandma Elsie” over for me
to read and I lent her
“Tip Lewis and this Lamp”. Papa,
mamma and I went to Church
at night Sermon on the
Beatitudes “Blessed are the
peacemakers”. Came home
with Coys and papa & mamma
went to their place with
them. Papa came home first & Allie
came with him.

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