Diary pg 175 Dec 3-4



Diary pg 175 Dec 3-4


- Band concert at Opera House assisted by Harold Jarvis


Dec 3
A lovely day. Mamma and
I went uptown in the
afternoon to see about
a new hat for me. Had
a whale grebe [?] & some green
velvet for it. Got some silk
for ties. Went over to Myer’s
& mamma went to Mrs
Pays. Saw Mrs Dudley
stopped in Pays for mamma.
Got “Dr Glenner’s[?] Daughter”
out of the library.

Dec 4
Raining again Papa got the
Christmas Globe last night
and the new book by
Marie Corelli “The Master
Christian”. The Globe has
one very pretty water color
sketch. Got the letter
ready to night to send
for a year’s subscription
to the “Etude”. My
tie ends are finished.
The Band has a concert
assisted by Harold Jarvis
in the Opera House.

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[LOCAL]December 3-4, 1900

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