Diary pg 179 Dec 11-12



Diary pg 179 Dec 11-12


- Mr Williams replaces Mr Burrell as editor_
- First meeting of Musical for year


Dec 11
Did not do much all day.
Had quite a small snow
blizzard in the
afternoon. Then at night
mamma and I went
to the Musical. Its first
meeting for the year.
Mrs Williams is Editor in
place of Mr Burrell. The
first piece was nice “Morsica”
by Oliver King, the second was
better. Improvisata by Reinecke.
Mrs Marquis & Mrs Chaplin played the 1st
& Miss Paterson & Miss Chaplin the 2nd.

Dec 12
Mamma had to go to the
church in the afternoon to
keep quiet. She was in
to McLaren about a set of
dishes. When papa came
home to supper he had
a letter from Allie saying
she cannot play. So I have to.
Papa went with me. Kate
Sutton played a valse & I played
Bolero by Jadassohn. Mr McIntyre
gave a fine lecture on his
trip. Then I played, “God Save the Queen”.
I got a little mixed on it. Papa
& I had to go home with Miss
McGibbon. Ella was over at night.

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[LOCAL]December 11-12, 1900

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