Diary pg 186 Dec 25-26



Diary pg 186 Dec 25-26


Dr Harry
Mrs Tulley
Mrs Overholt
Dr. McCoy
Dr Abbot
Aunt Allie
McLauren’s & Tait’s
Sarah de Berenger
J Ingelow


Dec 25
Sermon Isiah 60.-1.2.3.
Merry Christmas & C [?] - Eva was over
early with her presents. I went
to church, Papa came in too. He
was uptown. I was going to stay
after church but I came home
with him. The first thing we saw was
the deer’s head, & then Dr Harry sent
me a lovely 2 lb. box of candy, papa 3 boxes of
cigars & Mrs Tulley sent mamma a handker-
chief. Mrs Overholt sent a teapot handle.
Ate & ate till we are sick. Tom brought
his presents in. Lizzie brought me a pretty little
blue pincushion. I was down to Smith’s for
some grapes for Eva as she was afraid.

Dec 26
Papa took a chest protector to Dr.
McCoy. Dr Abbot sent it I did not
have time to say what mamma
& papa gave me. Mamma’s present was
a pretty [xxx] waist & papa’s pair
of kid gloves & a bottle of perfume.
About 10:30 Aunt Allie came
in. We did not expect her.
We went uptown in the
afternoon as Aunt Allie
wanted to see some capes.
Went into McLaren’s & Tait’s.
I settled my bill at McLaren’s
was in the library. Got Sarah
de Berenger, by J Ingelow. Bought
some gray matting.

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