August Wednesday 1(213-152)1900

This afternoon I dressed &
went to Mrs Pay to see if
she would go for a drive.
Stella is there. She & Beatrice
rode to Niagara this afternoon.
Mamma & Mrs Pay went for a drive.
Papa went uptown at
night to see Dr Kilmer,
Beatrice gave Mrs Pay
146 stamps & Mrs Ward 125
as she could not sell them.
Papa bought some apricots

  Thursday 2(214-151) 

Looked like rain. Mamma
& I went for a drive to
Mrs Woodruff's. We
will get our long
blackberries. Tuesday
I got a piece of butterfly
weed near Woodruff's.
Papa went to lodge at
night and I went with him
as far as Pay's to see
Stella. Had not been there
a minute when Beatrice & Percy
came after her to go to the park.
We went. It was a fine
programme. They played
Kiplings Recessional. Jolly
Fellows & New twostep Kinky Kink. Mr Peel was

August Friday 3(215-150)1900

Mamma has a sore side to-day.
I went uptown. Took
library book back and got
"Opening of a Chestnut Burr"
Bought two twin down
collars at Tait's. Got a box
of long berries. I got a letter
from Bessie Cowie yesterday.
She will be at her grandma
to-morrow. Put my
aquarium up on the
verandah so we could
see them better.

  Saturday 4(216-149) 

Papa & Frank Overholt are
going to 16 this afternoon
to stay till Monday. Mamma
drove Papa out. I was uptown
in afternoon. I tried on my
new collar and I have to
take it back it is so large.
Stopped in Mrs Pay's Ida &
Stella are going to Buffalo on
5:20 car. I took my stamp
book up for 10 premiums.
Louise Borrowman stopped
& borrowed our pump.  Annie
& Belle McClive
were with her. Rode up to
Kanes after tea for a box of berries.

August Sunday 5(217-148)1900

Went to church in morning.
Sermon I Samuel XII. 6 verse.
Very warm. Then I went
to Sunday School. We got
nicely settled in the Bible class
room when Mr Perry came after
a teacher and asked if Miss
Winnie would take it to
oblige him so. Miss Winnie took
it. It was Beatrice's class. 9 were
there. I got along all right.
Lesson. Christ & the children Matt XVIII
1-14. I finished "Opening of Chestnut
" to-night. Did not go to Church.

  Monday 6(218-147) 

Mr Halliday was here & said
"I did not see you at church
last night but I suppose you
would have been there if it
had rained: Civic Holiday. 90°
oh! it is so warm. Mamma
& I drove down to Mrs Woodruff's
after berries. Then she
drove out to the sixteen
after Papa. He brought two
nice fish a channel cat &
a bass. Mr Keyes & Roy were
out there.

August Tuesday 7(219-146)1900

Very, very warm. 96° in the
shade. Did not do much
of anything. Started
another washrag. Have
had my waist turned
in at the neck it was
so warm. Went over to
Lee's about 5 after
lemons. Mamma got a
letter from Mame & Phoebe
some papers.

  Wednesday 8(220-145) 

About 10 o'clock who marched
in but Bessie, and she
wanted me to drive home
with her. She had taken her
cousin to the trolley & she had her
grandmother Cowie's horse I went
with her. We staid [sic] at Cowie's
for a while & I had refreshments.
Then we started our walk in
the awful hot sun got to Overholts
about 12 o'clock. Saw some scorpions
centipedes, tarantulas, lizards
& a snake Frank brought from Africa
also some snapshots. He entertained
us with the graphophone. Mamma
came after me when we came
home Mr & Mrs Pay were there.

August Thursday 9(221-144)1900

Mr McTavish's son & a Mr Smith
were drowned in Malpas' pond
yesterday about 5 o'clock
Mamma went uptown in
the afternoon. She got double
trading stamps at Tait's & I
only need 24 more to fill my
book. Got a new pair of summer
corsets. I was over to Carman's
in the afternoon. Mrs Coy
was over at night.
Got some more medicine
from Cincinnati. Got a basket
of harvest apples

  Friday 10(222-143) 

Had an old tramp here for
dinner Had a fine buckleberry
pie. Very warm yet. The
Band did not play last
night. Mr Peel has been
asked rates for the Pan-
American. Very warm
yet. At night I went
over to Lee's after Butter
Saw Mrs Pay. Ida and
Stella are in the
country to-day and leave
for Toronto to-morrow.
Pa got a pair of white

August Saturday 11(223-142)1900

Still a roaster. The two
boys that were drowned
on Wednesday were buried
yesterday in one grave.
Beatrice has to play in
St. Paul St. Church to-morrow
as Miss Vanderburgh is away
Got the "Parish & Home" to-night,
and Mr & Mrs Perry have gone
visiting to Georgian Bay
Rained a little in the

  Sunday 12(224-141) 

Much cooler. Too much of
a change. Did not go to
Church in the morning
or evening but went to
Sunday School Mrs Haun
is back and we are all
glad. They had a young
man this morning, and
next Sunday I think Mr Weaver
of Beamsville, then Mr Miller
The lesson was Matt XVIII 21-36
Papa & mamma started for
a drive but it rained. Dr
came back with Papa
then when it cleared they
started again. Tommy paid
us a visit to-night

August Monday 13(225-140)1900

Very damp and cool
out to-day. I made
some maple cream
with hickory nuts
in to-night. Mamma
went over to Carman's
to have Ella show her
how to do darning needle
work. Had two students
in church last night.
Papa paid me $2.00. Pansy
caught a mouse in paper

  Tuesday 14(226-139) 

Mamma went to Welland
to call on Dr Abbott's
I dressed and
went down to Miss
but nobody
was home. Called in
Dwyer's and Beatrice was
not home. Mrs Dwyer
thought she had gone to St
David's for tea. Mabel came
after the towels and brought
a little Skye terrier pup
Looks like rain again
to-night. Kid's night in the
but I do not think
the band played.

August Wednesday 15(227-138)1900

Had to go uptown in the
morning after cake and
ham for to-night. Sent for
5 large pictures & a cover from
Brown & Co. Then in the afternoon
I had to go at 1.30 with papa
to the office. Had my teeth filled
Took library book back I got
"A Ministering Angel" by Clayton.
Dr Abbott & Mrs Tulley his sister
were here for tea. After tea
Mr & Mrs Coy came over. Had
ice-cream. Had barn floor

  Thursday 16(228-137) 

Papa took Nelly up to Murphy's
livery for a few days
This afternoon she was
hitched with another horse
Dr Abbott drove down & then we
called for Mrs Coy and took
her for a drive. We drove
to Decew Falls. Got out
to see the first falls.
The Bicycle Bylaw passed
yesterday but the Basket
factory did not Leta was
over in the afternoon.
The band played to-night.
Mr McIntosh came to see
about shingling the house.

August Friday 17(229-136)1900

In the afternoon Dr
drove down for
mamma & I. Mrs
was going, but sent
word. We drove out
Martindale way, past
Overholts down Pollywog
road through Port
and home. Papa
& Mamma went to
Dr Klotz' at night Dr
& Mrs Tulley were
there. Tried to get butter
at Lee's & Durnin's, but failed.

  Saturday 18(230-135) 

Had a nice rain this
afternoon Butter was
28¢ a lb. Dr Abbott & his
brother from London
drove down & papa was
going with them fishing
but so much rain afraid of
a ducking [?]. turned out bright
and clear. Poor men got [xxx]
their fishing and drive. Mamma
& I were uptown in
afternoon. Bought a silver
heart with a maple
leaf in it. The only
thing that worried me was
the 30¢ I paid for it Leta passed.

August Sunday 19(231-134)1900

Papa, mamma & I drove up to the
Welland House & called for
Dr Abbott and Mrs Tulley
Nellie fell down. Went
to Queenston and had
our dinner at the
Monument House. I had a
pretty Jack on & I gave it to Dr
Abbott. Papa & I went on
the trolley to Chippawa
and Uncle Horace met us.
Constance was at Black

  Monday 20(232-133) 

Rained all morning. Papa
went home on the 7.30
train. Constance & I looked
at pictures. Then it cleared
off in the afternoon,
and we ate apples
and fished. Then I
amused them by playing
at night. Grandpa and
Mr Henderson caught
7 catfish and a bass

August Tuesday 21(233-132)1900

Constance and I went
fishing on the bridge. She
caught four sunfish and I
caught one. Then we came
home and changed the
water on her mudturtle.
Grandma and Aunt Lillie are
making elderberry jelly
Annie Beam was
helping Aunt Lillie. Lillie
came up to have
Aunt Lillie do some shopping
for her in Toronto. Mr Henderson
took Constance & I for a row on the river.

  Wednesday 22(234-131) 

Wrote a letter to mamma
then went to-get ready
for Ridgeway. Grandpa,
Constance & I drove up. After
we had been there for a
while Aunt Allie took us
to Murray Hibbard's and we
went back to Cutler's and we
went to Murray's for dinner
Saw Milton, Uncle Henry. Came
home about 3 o'clock. Aunt
Lillie, Uncle Horace & Constance
went over to Toronto. Stella
& Mrs Woolnough were down at
night. Mr Henderson went home early
in the morning. Saw the train
come in & Mrs Jenks Mildred & Lillie
came home with me.

August Thursday 23(235-130)1900

Practiced some to-day. Got
some snails and water-
lily roots for my aquarium
Albion Waite, Mrs Waite, kid
and Mr Waite's sister were
here for dinner. Went to
see Lillie Beam & Leorena Jenks
Met Miss Dainty, Miss Hutt,
Miss Booth and Miss Marbourgh
Saw the train come in at 5.40
Leorena came down to have
me drive to Stevensville with
her. She took the washwoman home
Saw the searchlight from the falls.

  Friday 24(236-129) 

Gloomy again this morning
Grandpa caught me
two mudturtles. Read
some & played with the
kitten. Waites are here yet.
Got two more water
lily roots. Lillie Beam
came to see me in the
afternoon. Came home on
the 5.10. Had company. Jessie
was coming home from
Buffalo. Mamma met me at
Clifton. Had my first ride on
the new trolley. Met Beatrice
Papa is not well

August Saturday 25(237-128)1900

Got my mudturtles ready.
Put them in the tin tub
after dinner mamma
saw a water lily root on
the ground, and here
Dexter had taken my
mudturtles out and the lilies.
Did not find them. Dr Abbott
was down in the afternoon
I had to go over to Carmans
after papa. Saw Sam Carman
Mrs Carman has been away
Rev McKerr's son was buried
this afternoon.

  Sunday 26(238-127) 

Did not go to church as
it was too warm. Tried
to find some pictures for a
small frame, but couldn't.
Dr Abbott & Mrs Tulley were
down in the afternoon
and Dr and papa went to
the sixteen. They brought
a basket of apples down
with them. Then they
went back to the hotel
and came down again
after supper. The band has
not given a sacred concert this

August Tuesday 27(239-126)1900

Tommy was over.
Mamma & Mrs Tulley went
for a drive I sent for
some minature pictures
of musicians & C from
Brown's. Was over to Dudley's.
Ida Woods was there.
Nellie Lloyd went up to
the post with me. I
got the mail for Mrs
Pay. Dr Overholt of Hamilton
was here for tea

  Saturday 28(240-125) 

Eva Tucker was over nearly
all morning; and I couldn't
get much practicing done
Nellie has a lame foot.
Mamma and I drove up
to the office and I took the
towels up, and he brought
down the small medicine
cabinet. Then we drove out to
Overholt's. Bessie was over to
Grandma Cowie's. Did not see her.
Got some sweet apples.
Dr Abbott and his sister
were down at night. Played
for them.

August Wednesday 29(241-124)1900

Practiced in the morning as
we are going uptown in the
afternoon. Mrs Trusty was
here. Mamma took Mrs Tulley
a bunch of flowers and her
lace pattern back. Staid [sic] awhile
at the hotel. Then went to
Tait's. Just got 19 stamps
enough to fill my book.
The stamp store was closed.
Dr Colgan was down to see
Nellie We have new neighbors.
A little kitten has been visiting
us the last couple of nights.

  Thursday 30(242-123) 

Eva brought her kittens
over for me to see
them. Cracked enough
hickorynuts to make candy
and cake. Eva helped me
pick them out. Mamma and
Mrs Tulley went for a
drive. Blanche Carman
brought mamma's doily
home. Got a letter from
Mr Read yesterday and I
commence lessons on the 8th
Dr Abbott and Mrs Tulley were
down at night.

August Friday 31(243-122)1900

I had a present given to
me. Eva brought a small
muskmelon about the size
of an [sic] large orange. Brought
some books down for her
Mamma & I went to the
hotel this afternoon and
invited Dr Abbott & Mrs Tulley
for tea Sunday evening. Was
at the stamp store. Got a
silver teapot. Mrs Tulley
treated us to ice-cream. Eva brought
me another melon. Mamma
went over to Pay's.

September Saturday 1(244-121) 

Eva was in again this
morning. I made the candy
for grandpa. Papa and
Dr Abbott went out fishing.
Were at the 1618, and twenty.
Leta came over to have
me go uptown with her.
She took me in Shelley's
and we got chocolate soda
then took her to Jeans and
we got pineapple. Eva
brought over a book by
Mary J Holmes "Tempest
and Sunshine"
. Grandpa
did not come.

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