Diary Page 114



Diary Page 114


- Winnie's father and Frank Overholt go to 16


August 3
Mamma has a sore side to-day.
I went uptown. Took
library book back and got
"Opening of a Chestnut Burr"
Bought two twin down
collars at Tait's. Got a box
of long berries. I got a letter
from Bessie Cowie yesterday.
She will be at her grandma
to-morrow. Put my
aquarium up on the
verandah so we could
see them better.

August 4
Papa & Frank Overholt are
going to 16 this afternoon
to stay till Monday. Mamma
drove Papa out. I was uptown
in afternoon. I tried on my
new collar and I have to
take it back it is so large.
Stopped in Mrs Pay's Ida &
Stella are going to Buffalo on
5:20 car. I took my stamp
book up for 10 premiums.
Louise Borrowman stopped
& borrowed our pump. Annie
McEdward & Belle McClive
were with her. Rode up to
Kanes after tea for a box of berries.

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[LOCAL]August 3-4, 1900

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