Diary Page 121



Diary Page 121


- Winnie's father fishes with Dr Abbott and his brother from London


August 17
In the afternnon Dr
Abbott drove down for
Mamma & I. Mrs
Klotz was going, but sent
word. We drove out
Martindale way, past
Overholts down Pollywog
road through Port
and home. Papa
& Mamma went to
Dr Klotz' at night Dr
Abbott & Mrs Tulley were
there. Tried to get butter
at Lee's & Durnin's, but failed.

August 18
Had a nice rain this
afternoon Butter was
28¢ a lb. Dr Abbott & his
brother from London
drove down & papa was
going with them fishing
but to [?] much rain afraid of
a duckling [?]. Turned out bright
and clear. {Poor} men got [xxx]
their fishing and drive. Mamma
& I were uptown in
afternoon. Bought a silver
heart with a maple
leaf in it. The only
thing that worried me was
the 30¢ I paid for it Leta passed.

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[PERSONAL]August 17-18, 1900

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