Diary Page 126



Diary Page 126


Mrs Tulley
Ida Woods
Nellie Lloyd
Mrs Pay
Dr Overholt
Eva Tucker
Grandma Cowie
Dr Abbott


August 27
Tommy was over.
Mamma & Mrs Tulley went
for a drive I sent for
some minature pictures
of musicians & C from
Brown's. Was over to Dudley's.
Ida Woods was there.
Nellie Lloyd went up to
the post with me. I
got the mail for Mrs
Pay. Dr Overholt of Hamilton
was here for tea

August 28
Eva Tucker was over nearly
all morning; and I couldn't
get much practicing done
Nellie has a lame foot,
Mamma and I drove up
to the office and I took the
towels up, and he brought
down the small medicine
cabinet. Then we drove out to
Overholt's. Bessie was over to
Grandma Cowie's. Did not see her.
Got some sweet apples.
Dr Abbott and his sister
were down at night. Played
for them.

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