Diary Page 127



Diary Page 127


Mrs Trusty
Mrs Tulley
Dr Colgan
Blanche Carman
Mr Read
Dr Abbott


August 29
Practiced in the morning as
we are going uptown in the
afternoon. Mrs Trusty was
here. Mamma took Mrs Tulley
a bunch of flowers and her
lace pattern back. Staid [sic] awhile
at the hotel. Then went to
Tait's. Just got 19 stamps
enough to fill my book.
The stamp store was closed.
Dr Colgan was down to see
Nellie We have new neighbors.
A little kitten has been visiting
us the last couple of nights.

August 30
Eva brought her kittens
over for me to see
them. Cracked enough
hickorynuts to make candy
and cake. Eva helped me
pick them out. Mamma and
Mrs Tulley went for a
drive. Blanche Carman
brought mamma's doily
home. Got a letter from
Mr Read yesterday and I
commence lessons on the 8th
Dr Abbott and Mrs Tulley were
down at night.

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