Diary Page 115



Diary Page 115


Sunday School
Mr Perry
Mr Halliday
Mrs Woodruff
Mr Keyes


August 5
Went to church in morning.
Sermon I Samuel XII. 6 verse.
Very warm. Then I went
to Sunday School. We got
nicely settled in the Bible class
room when Mr Perry came after
a teacher and asked if Miss
Winnie would take it to
oblige him so. Miss Winnie took
it. It was Beatrice's class. 9 were
there. I got along all right.
Lession Christ & the children Matt XVIII
1-14. I finished "Opening of Chestnut
Burr" to-night. Do not go to Church.

August 6
Mr Halliday was here & said
"I did not see you at church
last night but I suppose you
would have been there if it
had rained: Civic Holiday. 90°
oh! it is so warm. Mamma
& I drove down to Mrs Woodruff's
after berries. Then she
drove out to the sixteen
after Papa. He brought two
nice fish a channel cat &
a bass. Mr Keyes & Roy were
out there.

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