Diary Page 124



Diary Page 124


- Winnie's first ride in new trolley


August 23
Practices some to-day. Got
some snails and water-
lily roots for my aquarium
Albion Waite, Mrs Waite, kid
and Mr Waite's sister were
here for dinner. Went to
see Lillie Beam & Leorena Jenks
Met Miss Dainty, Miss Hutt,
Miss Boother and Miss Marbourgh
Saw the train come in at 5.40
Leorena came down to have
me drive to Stevensville with
her. She took the washwoman home
Saw the searchlight from the falls.

August 24
Gloomy again this morning
Grandpa caught me
two mudturtles. Read
some & played with the
kitten. Waites are here yet
Got two more water
lily roots. Lillie Beam
came to see me in the
afternoon. Came home on
the 5.10. Had company. Jessie
Adie was coming home from
Buffalo. Mamma met me at
Clifton. Had my first ride on
the new trolley. Met Beatrice
Papa is not well

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[PERSONAL]August 23-24, 1900

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