Diary Page 118



Diary Page 118


St Paul St. Church
Miss Vanderburgh
Mr Perry
Mrs Perry
Sunday School
Mrs Haun
Mr Weaver
Mr Miller
Dr Comfort


August 11
Still a roaster. The two
boys that were drowned
on Wednesday were buried
yesterday in one grave.
Beatrice has to play in
St. Paul St. Church to-morrow
as Miss Vanderburgh is away
Got the "Parish & Home" to-night,
and Mr & Mrs Perry have gone
visiting to Georgian Bay
Rained a little in the

August 12
Much cooler. Too much of
a change. Did not go to
Church in the morning
or evening but went to
Sunday School Mrs Haun
is back and we are all
glad. They had a young
man this morning, and
next Sunday I think Mr Weaver
of Beamsville, then Mr Miller
The lesson was Matt XVIII 21-36
Papa & mamma started for
a drive but it rained. Dr
Comfort came back with Papa
then when it cleared they
started again. Tommy paid
us a visit to-night

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