Diary page 113



Diary page 113


- Stella and Beatrice rode to Niagara_
- Kipling's Recessional in the park


August 1
This afternoon I dressed &
went to Mrs Pay to see if
she would go for a drive.
Stella is there. She & Beatrice
rode to Niagara this afternoon.
Mamma & Mrs Pay went for a drive.
Papa went uptown at
night to see Dr Kilwer[?],
Beatrice gave Mrs Pay
146 stamps & Mrs Ward 125
as she could not sell them.
Papa bought some apricots

August 2
Looked like rain. Mamma
& I went for a drive to
Mrs Woodruff's. We
will get our long
blackberries. Tuesday
I got a piece of butterfly
weed near Woodruff's.
Papa went to lodge at
night and I went with him
as far as Pay's to see
Stella. Had not been there
a minute when Beatrice & Percy
came after her to go to the park.
We went. It was a fine
programme. They played
Kiplings Recessional{1}. Jolly
Fellows & few twosted [??] Kinky Kink[?]. Mr Peel[?] was

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[LOCAL]August 1-2, 1900

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