August Friday 31(243-122)1900

I had a present given to
me. Eva brought a small
muskmelon about the size
of an [sic] large orange. Brought
some books down for her
Mamma & I went to the
hotel this afternoon and
invited Dr Abbott & Mrs Tulley
for tea Sunday evening. Was
at the stamp store. Got a
silver teapot. Mrs Tulley
treated us to ice-cream. Eva brought
me another melon. Mamma
went over to Pay's.

September Saturday 1(244-121) 

Eva was in again this
morning. I made the candy
for grandpa. Papa and
Dr Abbott went out fishing.
Were at the 1618, and twenty.
Leta came over to have
me go uptown with her.
She took me in Shelley's
and we got chocolate soda
then took her to Jeans and
we got pineapple. Eva
brought over a book by
Mary J Holmes "Tempest
and Sunshine"
. Grandpa
did not come.

September Sunday 2(245-120)1900

Very warm. Did not go to church
all day. Read "Tempest and
" Eva and Tom
over and Tom was chasing
poor Dexter. Eva brought a
paper with a continued story
in it over. Mrs Tulley and
Dr Abbott had tea here.
Mamma, Mrs Tulley and I
had a walk.

 Labour Day (Dominion)Monday 3(246-119) 

Had a candy braom [??] given
me. Eva bought us all
some candy Mr Pay was over
and wanted to buy our
pears and some Crawford
peaches. We intended going
to the sixteen for a picnic,
but the rain prevented
us. There was a gentleman
here looking after Fitzgerald's
house. Eva lent me
another book. "Three Men
on Wheels" by Jerome
. Eva &
Tom were over nearly all day.
Mr Taylor is picking pears.

September Tuesday 4(247-118)1900

Was reading "Three men on
" when Mrs Tulley
and Dr Abbott came in.
They wanted papa, mamma
& I to go to the Welland
for tea. Dr Abbott
hurried up to the office
and caught papa. Had a
very good supper. They
walked home with
us. Mrs Tulley told about
a good books "Uarda" by

  Wednesday 5(248-117) 

Mamma and I drove up to
McLaren's and to the library
Changed my book for "A Country
Minister's Love story" by
Maria Bell
. Nell sat down
by McLaren's. I was skeered.
We drove out Martindale
way. Got some plums,
Went over to Carmans and
asked Blanche, Ella & Sam over; but
the gentleman had flown.
Dr Abbott and Mrs Tulley
were down for the last
time. Had melons.

September Thursday 6(249-116)1900

Mrs Tulley started for New York
this morning and Dr Abbott
was going to the Bridge
with her. Miss Mabel
has started to give
lessons to a "limited" number.
Eva was here in the afternoon
They have a new grammar
and geography. Then Eva
and her kitten were in after
tea. She had me running
and playing hide & seek.

  Friday 7(250-115) 

Canned tomatoes this morning
Very cool to-day. Mamma
and I went for a drive
We went down to Fraser's
to see about our elderberries
and someone had stolen all 
of them. Then we drove to
Homer to order Damson plums
from Mr Dow [?]. We came up a
road I have never been
on. Eva was over at night
Mr Inksater's little boy is

September Saturday 8(251-114)1900

Took my first music lesson
after the holidays. Had
to go to Eckhardt's after
Kullak's Octave Studies, Bal
Masque by Jadassohn
, Valse by
. Saw Miss McFarlane
She has been away three months
Eva was over and she brought
some transfer pictures and Jessie
& Eva transferred them out on
the verandeh [sic]. Rode up to McLaren's
and then I forgot a postcard to
Dr Abbott and had to go again. Papa
& mamma were out to lake. Got our elderberries.

  Sunday 9(252-113) 

Went to church in morning
Mr Perry is back and I guess
all are glad. Sermon 2nd Cor. 1-2
Finished the "Country
Minister's Love Story
. Papa
and Mr Coy went out for
a drive. I went to Sunday
School. Had Mrs Chatfield
Lesson "The Good Samaritan" Luke
X, 26 to 37. They gave us some
papers "Young People's Weekly"
Was in Lloyd's as Nellie called
me in. Leta is going to Model
School to-morrow.

September Monday 10(253-112)1900

Canned peaches (Mountain
Rose) and Mr Dow [?] brought
us a basket of the blue
Damson plums. Eva brought
her scrap-book over. I took
some plums over to Carman's
Ella was incapitated [sic]. Allie
was over. Took her with
us uptown as we were all
ready then she came back
with us. She has made 
a mash of a millionaire. Got
"The Trial" by C. Young. I think
it is no good.

  Tuesday 11(254-111) 

Canned pears. Aunt Lillie
and Uncle Horace arrived
about 11.30. Eva had
been uptown and got
some transfer pictures.
Uncle Horace went
to the office after
dinner to have his teeth
fixed. They had an awful
storm at Galveston, Texas
Saturday between 1000 and
10,000 dead and the loss betwen
$10,000,000 & $50,000,000. Sydney
mother died this
afternoon about 2 o'clock. I wrote
a card to Dr Abbott and asked
him why the setting sun was like a
peanut stand.

September Wednesday 12(255-110)1900

Aunt Lillie and Uncle Horace
were up to the office
in the morning Mrs Trusty
was here. Had to go over to
Lee's in the morning. Uncle
Horace and Aunt Lillie drove
out to the Johnson farm in
Grantham Had some
old transfers so I finished
some this afternoon Pasted
them in German grammar like a kid.
Had a band concert for children
to-night Henry King of Toronto
is dead. Eva brought me some walnuts.

  Thursday 13(256-109) 

Aunt Lillie was writing off
receipts this morning. Tommy
and Eva were over. Uncle
Horace and Aunt Lillie went
to office about 1.30 They wanted
to get away on the three o'clock
car but couldn't. Mamma &
I drove up to the office, and
papa took the horse and went
to Mrs Wyatt's funeral. Got
my music. The two books (Kullak's
Bal Masque/and piece "Petite Valse"
$4.15 but I got them for $5.35 Met
two Miss Cloys, and Mr Charles Band,
Uncle Horace and Aunt Lillie went
home at five. Mamma got some
preserved ginger.

September Friday 14(257-108)1900

Canned Crawford peaches and
mamma made pear chips.
Eva, Tom & Leila Smith were over
fooling around. Papa went
to Beamsville _ Drove and
took Dexter along, I rode
up to the post and to
Hodgins on my wheel.
Got a "Puck" book for Eva.
H.P. was coming over
to-morrow but papa wrote
a card saying he would be

  Saturday 15(258-107) 

Took my music lesson.
Did not take any of my
new music as I have to finish
the old. Mr Read played me a
solo for a Cantata he is
composing. This solo was on the
death of Saul and Jonathan. I told
him about "The Throne of David"
Started Harmony again. Rode uptown
and changed my libary book
Got "The Tragedy of Wild River
Valley" by Martha Findley. I tried to
get "When Knighthood was in Flower".
Mr Read told me about it. Mamma
was uptown. Mrs Pay has been

September Sunday 16(259-106)1900

Went to church in the
morning. Had Mr Perry
sermon I Sam XV1-12 verse. Came
home with Lizzie. Eva was
over before I got dressed. Went
to Sunday School in
the afternoon. Lesson Luke
XII 13 to 23 verses. We did not
get our "picture papers" and Mrs
went after them. Papa
came home about 5 oclock.
Brought a basket of grapes.

  Monday 17(260-105) 

Very cool to-day. Had to
close windows and doors.
Canned peaches in the
morning and tomatoes
in the afternoon I
finished my Harmony
I started on Saturday
very gloomy and 
depressing at night

September Tuesday 18(261-104)1900

Mamma went collecting
this afternoon. I went
over to Shoe Hospital on
James St. to have my old
slipper patched. Saw Beatrice.
Went to library and
got "Danesbury House"
by Mrs Henry Wood
. The
catalogue no [number] of it was wrong.
Had the last band concert of
the season. Played in pavilion
and charged admission for a
Family Beaver/, Mr Coy came 
home with papa.

  Wednesday 19(262-103) 

I guess Eva is away as we
have not seen her since
Sunday. Mamma and I
drove on Martindale
way to the lake after
sand. The apples cover 
the ground in some places
and peach trees broken from
the high wind we had
last week. Mr Perry
called and we were out
as usual. Papa has been
talking about me going to
Demill. He had to go uptown
to meet Mr Marquis and Sidney

September Thursday 20(263-102)1900

Nasty gloomy day. Mr
sent papa five
trout from Quebec. Had
them Tuesday night.
They tried to stop the
ringing of the 6, 2, 5, & 6
bells. Crazy.

  Friday 21(264-101) 

Helped dust. In the afternoon
we hurried around and
went uptown. Mamma went
collecting and then went
to Mr Chatfield's. I went
to the office and watched
for her. Nellie Lloyd was
in the office. The Collegiate
games were to-day.
Johnson won the race.
We were at Anderson's to
see the hats. We had
two sent down.

September Saturday 22(265-100)1900

Took my music lesson, Mr Read
was not there, came a little
after eight. Spoke to him of
Demill. He did not advise it
They are painting St. George's
a canary yellow.
Granpa came in morning.
Mamma & I were uptown
again. Got a hat this time.
Grandpa and papa were out
hunting. Got four squirrels.
Was over to Carman's. Ella has
been sick

  Sunday 23(266-99) 

Went to church. Sermon I Sam.
XVIII. 5 verse. Grandpa was at
the Baptist Church. Papa and
Mr Marquis were out for a
walk. We are going to
have a missionary Sunday
in the Sunday School. Had
recitations a duett & missionary
hymns. Mr Owen from England
staying at Mr H. O'Loughlin's
spoke to us. He is to preach
to-night read the lessons in
morning. Miss Elliots 'cousin sang
this morning. She had a nice voice
Papa & grandpa went to church
at night. They were to
baptize some people.

September Monday 24(267-98)1900

Grandpa went uptown
in the morning. Then 
in the afternoon mamma
drove him down to Waites.
I made him some candy
and he went on the
5 o'clock car. The Ladies
Home Journal came to-day.
It has a story entitled "The Story
of a Young Man" by Clifford Howard

It is a story of Christ. Eva
wrote me a letter and I
answered it to-night.

  Tuesday 25(268-97) 

Mamma hurried and went
over to Mr Rykerts' collecting
then she came back
and we went for a drive.
Took library book back
and got "Postle Farm" by
George Ford
. Got a bottle of
ink. We drove down to Mrs
Gray's for little green beans
Mrs Milner died yesterday
Mrs Archer and her son came
down at night She wanted 
something done to her
teeth. Got my harmony done
at last

September Wednesday 26(269-96)1900

Wash day Annie Trusty was
here begging for the
Salvation army. I had to
take the money to the
church. Gave it to Mr Perry.
Gave Mrs Trusty my pink
waist. Mamma went to
Miss Anderson's. Got me a
"Scribbling Pad". A hat is
going to come to-morrow
she picked out.

  Thursday 27(270-95) 

Mamma hats came this
morning, but she decided
after dinner not to keep
any. We drove up Mary
St. and I took them back
Then we drove out to
Overholt's. Saw Mrs Williams
Mrs Overholt was in town.
They have a cute little collie
pup. Papa went to office
them to Opera House to Miss
recital. Will
played, and
Miss Vanderburgh accompanist.

September Friday 28(271-94)1900

Our old head man came
again to-day. Mr Vickers.
Mamma & I went for a
drive. Drove to Lee's and
Shelly's then down to
Mrs Grays to pay for some
green beans we bought.
Saw Ella she is much
better. "Success" came
and it had a good thing
in about Canadian boys
in American cities. We come
from "Frozen north".

  Saturday 29(272-93) 

Raining very hard. took
my music lesson. Had to
have a light it was so
dark. Book II of Jadassohn's
Op 26
. Rita Scott took her
lesson after mine. Eva is
home. She brought some
cards over and she got a
fan for dancing the cake-walk.
Papa bought a book
called "Triumphs and 
Wonders of the XIX century

September Sunday 30(273-92)1900

Eva cut a slice out of her finger
last night and came in for some
courtplaster. Went to church.
Sermon Prov XXVIII. 26 verse.
Papa drove down Lake st.
to the little cottage below
railway and got a hound
they gave him. Its name is
Dewey. Went to Sunday School
Had review. Mamma and
I were at church at night
Sermon Mk. VI. 2 I think Came home
with Dwyers.

October Monday 1(274-91) 

Had to get up early this
morning as papa and
mamma are going
to Buffalo by 9 o'clock
car Did my Harmony.
They got home about
8 o'clock. Mamma looked
for some pictures of musicians
but did not get one. She
brought me some pretty
blue ribbon and white silk
tie and a linen hankerchief
Got some candy. They saw
Dick and had to wait on
Yankee side for a car. So they
took in the museum.

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