Diary Page 133



Diary Page 133


- Ella Carman incapacitated_
- Aunt Lillie and Uncle Horace arrive_
- Death of Sydney Bunting's mother


September 10
Canned peaches (Mountain
Rose) and Mr Dow [?] brought
us a basket of the blue
Damson plums. Eva brought
her scrap-book over. I took
some plums over to Carman's
Ella was incapitated [sic]. Allie
was over. Took her with
us uptown as we were all
ready then she came back
with us. She has made
a mash of a millionaire. Got
"The Trial" by C. Young. I think
is is no good.

September 11
Canned pears. Aunt Lillie
and Uncle Horace arrived
about 11.30. Eva had
been uptown and got
some transfer pictures.
Uncle Horace went
to the office after
dinner to have his teeth
fixed. They had an awful
storm at Galveston, Texas
Saturday between 1000 and
10,000 dead{1} and the loss betwen
$10,000,000 & $50,000,000. Sydney
Bunting's mother died this
afternoon about 2 o'clock. I wrote
a card to Dr Abbott and asked
him why the setting sun was like a
peanut stand.

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[LOCAL]September 10-11, 1900

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Diary Sept 10-11 Page 133


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