Diary Page 139



Diary Page 139


- St. George's Church painted canary yellow_
- Mr Owen of England preaches at church


september 22

Took my music lesson, Mr Read
was not there, came a little
after eight. Spoke to him of
Demill. He did not advise it
They are painting St. George's
Church a canary yellow.
Granpa came in morning.
Mamma & I were uptown
again. Got a hat this time.
Grandpa and papa were out
hunting. Got four squirrels.
Was over to Carman's. Ella has
been sick

september 23

Went to church. Sermon I Sam.
XVIII. 5 verse. Grandpa was at
the Baptist Church. Papa and
Mr Marquis were out for a
walk. We are going to
have a missionary Sunday
in the Sunday School. Had
recitations a duett & missionary
hymns. Mr Owen from England
staying at Mr H. O'Loughlin's
spoke to us. He is to preach
to-night read the lessons in
morning. Miss Elliots'cousin sang
this morning. She had a nice voice
Papa & grandpa went to church
at night. They were to
baptize some people.

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[LOCAL]September 22-23, 1900

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