Diary Page 140



Diary Page 140


People: Eva, Mr Rykert's, Mrs. Gray, Mrs Milner, Mrs. Archer
Locations: Waites
Literature: "The Story of a Young Man" by Clifford Howard, "Postle Family" by George Ford


september 24

Grandpa went uptown
in the morning. Then
in the afternoon mamma
drove him down to Waites.
I made him some candy
and he went on the
5-o'clock car. The Ladies
Home Journal came to-day.
It has a story entitled "The Story
of a Young Man" by Clifford Howard
It is a story of Christ. Eva
wrote me a letter and I
answered it to-night.

September 25

Mamma hurried and went
over to Mr Rykerts' collecting
then she came back
and we went for a drive.
Took library book back
and got "Postle Family by
George [?] Ford. Got a bottle of
ink. We drove down to Mrs
Gray's for little green beans
Mrs Milner died yesterday
Mrs Archer and her son came
down at night She wanted
something done to her
teeth. Got my harmony done
at last

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