Diary Page 135



Diary Page 135


People: Eva, Tom, Leila Smith, Dexter, Mr. Read, Mrs. Pay
Locations: Beamsville, Hodgins,
Literature: "The Tragedy of Wild river Valley" by Martha Findley. "When Knighthood was in Flower."


September 14
Canned Crawford peaches and
mamma made pear chips.
Eva, Tom & Leila Smith were over
fooling around. Papa went
to Beamsville-DroVe[?] and
took Dexter along, I rode
up to the post and to
Hodgins on my wheel.
Got a "Puck" book for Eva.
H.P. was coming over
to-morrow but papa wrote
a card saying he would be

September 15
Took my music lesson.
Did not take any of my
new music as I have to finish
the old. Mr Read played us[?] a
solo for a Cantata he is
composing. This solo was on the
death of Saul and Jonathan. I told
him about "The Throne of David"
Started Harmony again. Rode uptown
and changed my libary book
Got "The Tragedy of Wild River
Valley" by Martha Findley. I tried to
get "When Knighthood was in Flower".
Mr Read told me about it. Mamma
was uptown. Mrs Pay has been

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