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Women’s Literary Club of St. Catharines

Laura Secord

Laura Secord Marker Re-Dedication, 1972


The Women's Literary Club of St. Catharines has had a connection to Laura Secord since its inception.  One of the founding members of the club, Emma Currie, was directly involved in honouring the memory of Laura Secord.  Currie wrote a book entitled The Story of Laura Secord and Canadian Reminisences (1900) and subsequently donated all proceeeds to a monument erected at Queenston Heights (1901) in honour of the extraordinary Canadian historical figure.   She had been an advocate for monuments throughout the Queenston Heights area, but honouring Laura Secord was a passion that affected the entire Women's Literary Club.  

Re-dedication of Laura Secord marker:  Meredith Stewart, Mrs. G.M. Armstrong (Hon. President), Mr. John Burke-Geffney, Mrs. F. Eller (President), 1972







The Women's Literary Club continued with the commitment to preserve the memory of Laura Secord by creating a memorial scholarship in the name of Emma Currie, Laura Secord's prodigious champion.  The scholarship was presented to a student in literature and history studies and the recipient would also receive a copy of Currie's book on Secord.

Fifty-fifth anniversary of the Women's Literary Club of St. Catharines



Many years later, in 1972, both Emma Harvey Currie and Laura Ingersoll Secord, were honoured during a tribute held at Queenston Heights.   The Women's Literary Club of St. Catharines was also celebrating their eightieth anniversary.  The club continued its devotion to Laura Secord throughout its existence.  The women would make an annual pilgrimage to the Laura Secord homestead, often leaving a wreathe to mark their commitment to preserving the journey of this local heroine.

"O Time, Twine now your wreath of bays,

Round each beloved name

Keep ever-green the memory

Of Laura Secord's fame." 

(adapted from S.A. Curzon)