January 1901


December Monday 31(365)1901

A rather gloomy day. Mamma swept
this morning. Finished
Eva's book. In the afternoon
we got a very pretty
azaela [sic]. Think it came
from Mrs Pay. Papa
went to the Falls to-
night, and will go to
Black Creek in the morning.
Fern Healy was down
at night to see about
Wednesday night. Dr Greenwood
was here at night

Tuesday Jany[sic] 1st 1901

The first day of the 20th century
They had a service in
the church last night
Got some old medicine
this morning. Eva was
over. Papa came home
to–night. He never told
Mattie last night at all
and now I don't know
who to get for to-morrow.

Jany [sic] Wed 2nd 1901

Have been working at a
very pretty doily. Mamma
went uptown in the afternoon.
Wanted her to get a Golden Text
Book for 1901 but they were all gone.
Leta was over to see me
in the afternoon. She got
some very nice Xmas presents.
Eva was over. Borrowed a book.
Allie, papa & I went to church at night.
Mr Perry gave us slips of paper with
names on them for impromptu speeches.
Mine was "Santa Claus" Mr. Reavely, Mr Read
& Allie played & Mr Rothwell sang. Papa's

  Thursday 3rd  

speech was on "Bad Habits". We had
lots of fun. I finished my
doily all but the border.
Papa brought a shield home
at night for the deer's head
& mounted it. Mamma made
me a shawl for evenings the
other day. She wore it to–night
as she & papa went over to
Kennedy's to spend the evening.
Mr & Mrs Coy were there. Mr Skey [?]
was presented & Saturday
evening was presented by the
Young People of Merriton with
a surplice1 & stole before he left
for Hamilton.

1. A loose white linen vestment worn at Christian church services.

Jany Friday 4th 1901

Am reading some of my
Pansy Books. The one I am
reading now is a "New Graft
on the Family Tree
". Am
working an edge on my
doily. Eva left a Birthday
letter for me at the door,
but she was mistaken
in the date. She & Tom
were in after school. She
had a quarrel with Marguerite
Carlisle. Am going to send for
some Brown Pictures tomorrow.

  Saturday 5th  

Took my lesson after the
holidays. Have "Ich Liele Dich"
again. For next week. Called
in Dwyers to tell Beatrice she
had the musical programme
for the next Young People's Meeting.
Finished my doily. Mrs Trusty
is here. Mr Pearson & man came
to fix the gas burner. Mamma
& I were uptown in the
afternoon. I bought a round
doily for comb & brush. Sent
my letter away for the

Jany Sunday 6th 1901

To–day is the beginning of our
three weeks mission by Mr Murphy.
Sermon was on Rom VIII.29. Staid
to communion. When I came home
Dr Greenwood was there. He wants
me to come to his office to-morrow at
2. Went to Sunday School. Mr
addressed us. There
is to be a service for children
every day at 4.15 & adults at 8.
Papa, mamma & I were at
church. Sermon Gen VII.16

  Monday 7th  

My birthday 19 yrs old. At noon
Eva came in with a
birthday present. A football
with an inkwell inside.
Mamma went with me
to the doctor as I was going
to have my throat treated.
We went into Carroll's to see
how they were. I went to
the office & waited for mamma.
She got me a Golden Text
Book for 1901 and I went to
Miss Boyle's to have may waist
tried on. Election day. We did
not go to the missions to–day.

Jany Tuesday 8th 1901

We really got up a little
bit early this morning. Mr
is Mayor.
Practiced 2 hours this morning.
Started to the Dr. at 20 min of 2
was back 20 min after. Turned
out stormy to–night. Musical
night, but if it had been
nice we would have
went to church instead.
Got Jany [sic] Ladies Home Journal.

  Wednesday 9th  

A very mild day. Eva was
in to see how Phoebe was.
The Dr was not in when I
first went in, but came in
soon. Mamma and I went
to the church. Papa could
not go as he was to meet Mr Coy.
They have mission books
with mission service
and mission hymns in which[sic]
they use. Mr Murphy spoke
on Prodigal Son. Luke 15-17.
Mr Perry inquired after my cold.
Mrs Hodgins was there.

Jany Thursday 10th 1901

Very horrible day. Raining.
Didnot [sic] go to the Dr. as it
was so damp. Counldn't go to
church. I am so sorry the
weather has been so
bad. Got the pictures from
Brown's to–night. There are
some very pretty ones
Papa and I played
euchre. He beat. Expect the
soldiers home to–morrow.
Modjeska1 was at the Opera

  Friday 11th  

Woke up with a very bad
cold in my head. Mrs Marquis
came to ask me if I
would play next night Jan
22nd. French night & to send
my pieces in. The Dr is sick
with a cold so I had my walk
for nothing. It said in the
paper there were about 300
children at the church yesterday.
Papa & I played euchre again
& I won this time.

1. Helena Modjeska (orignally Modrzejewska) (1840 – 1909), was born in Krakow Poland. She was a renowned actress both in Poland and in North America. She specialized in Shakespearean and tragic roles. Read more. Learn more.

Jany Saturday 12th 1901

My cold is worse and
papa would not let me
go to my lesson. It is the
first one I have ever missed.
Papa is going to tell Mr Read.
Mamma had to go uptown and do
a dozen errands. She went to
Mrs Marquis & told her I could
not play at the next Musical.
Mamma changed my library
book & got "Twice Tried" by Anne Swan.
I am to go to Miss Boyle's Monday.
The soldier boys are home
and having a good time.

  Sunday 13th  

Did not go out all day.
Ate peanuts, Lizzie was
down after Sunday School
to see what was the
matter with us all. She
was telling us Mr Perry
has got out souvenirs, a
picture of himself. Papa,
& mamma went to

Jany Monday 14th 1901

Very nice in morning
but turned out rainy.
Took all the pictures out
of all the "Musicians". The little
Moore girl brought a slip
of paper with services on for this
week. Papa asked Mr & Mrs Coy
to go with them to the concert
as I can't go. Miss Lillian
Carlsmith & the New York
Ladies Trio
are in the Opera
. Am reading the
"Wide, Wide World" over again.

  Tuesday 15th  

Could not go out again. Ella
came over in the afternoon.
Carman wants "She" and said
wants to come & see my fish. Papa
& mamma went to Notmans to the

  Wednesday 16th  

Mrs Trusty is here. Papa won
the prize last night. Eva,
Tom and Jessie Jones were in for a
while was not out.

  Thursday 17th  

Papa went to Hamilton this morning.
I started out for a walk
to–day for the first. Then took
Scotch songs back to Carman's. Mrs
entertained me. The "Etude"

came to–night. Has a nice
colored supplement in "Sacred

  Friday 18th  

Papa will not be home
until 6.30 to–night. He sent
word with Mabel. Went for
another walk. Mamma went
up to Dr. for Phoebe. She is
worse to–day. Mr Abbs was
married yesterday to Miss

  Saturday 19th  

Very cold & windy so papa
would not let me got to
my lesson again. The Dr. sent
me a bottle of medicine
last night. Papa gave me
a little pin with Laurier1 on
it. Finished my little doily.
Mrs Trusty is here. Was over
to Mrs Pay’s nearly all afternoon.
She got a pig you blow up the
it dies with a squeal. Papa
got some calendars & pictures in

  Sunday 20th  

Did not go out to-day. My
head is worse. Am reading
Oliver Twist.

1. Possibly reference to Sir Wilfred Laurier.

Jany Monday 21st 1901

The Queen [Victoria] is not expected
to live. Mamma had to go
to Mrs. Sullivan's. She changed
my library book. Got Ursula
Vivian by Anne Swan
. Read it
to–night. Beatrice came over
in the afternoon to see me.
Mr Murphy is here until

  Tuesday 22nd  

A very fine day. The Queen
died this morning at 6.30 and
the Prince is now King Edward
VII. Eva was in. I went up
to Miss Boyle’s to try my
waist on after so long a
time. Mamma went to the
church to the service then
uptown to buy me an
apron. Mrs Kilner was
down & mamma was away
as usual.

  Wednesday 23rd  

Papa brought a man home with
him at noon. He is going to put
a hot air pipe in Phoebe’s room.
I went to church this
afternoon. Mr Murphy
spoke on how to read the Bible.

Mr & Mrs Pay were over for tea.
Had a pigeon for supper. I broke one
of the new saucers.

  Thursday 24th  

A gloomy day. The men fixed
the pipes this afternoon.
Mamma was over to Carman's
for eggs. They are draping
our city buildings in black
in memory of the Queen [Victoria]. Papa
went to Hi Henry’s minstrals
to–night. On Tuesday Mr
Stewart's pet fox got away &
Laurie Wilson shot it. It killed
some of Mrs Pay's chickens.

  Friday 25th  

One of pipes was put up wrong.
The men cam & fixed it.
Mamma was uptown
in afternoon. She got enough
brown goods to lengthen my
skirt. Got "Success". The Buffalo
Express is full of pictures of
the Queen.

  Saturday 26th  

Took my lesson this morning
Mr Read said he was glad to see
me. Have 3rd of Mendelssoln’s. In
the afternoon I went over to
see Leta. She was just going to [xxx]
at home at Annie McEdward. Got the
Journal to – night & a nice calendar
from Peter's Cartridge Co.

W. M. Beam Jan 4th 1901

Tuesday January 29th 1901
clear & cold out. Verdi is dead.
Died last week on Friday or Sat.
The Musical Circle lecture is
postponed. I went up to
the library in the afternoon.
Got one of Pansey's books
"Miss Priscilla Hunter". Papa
has the [xxx] are to much candy
Mrs Marquis came & told
us the meeting was postponed
until Feb 12th


Wednesday Jan 30th 1901.
Mrs Trusty is here to-day.
Mamma had to go to the
church & to Mrs Sullivan's
She got some very pretty
samples of waist goods. I am
going to get one with pieces like
honiton braid running through
it. Ella was in. Poor Tommy
is very sick with pneumonia.
They have a debate to-night
in the church between a
boy & girl. Last night our
Society debated against Y.M.C.A
in their rooms.

  Sunday 27th 1901

Went to church this morning
Mr Perry was out He has had the
grippe. He spoke on the Queen [Victoria]
I Cor. 15-26. Then went to
Sunday School. Miss Reyes[?]
is going to give me a souvenir
if I come to see her next
Saturday. Papa & Mamma
went to church. I was
reading about the Queen

  Monday 28  

Phoebe had the Dr. down
in the afternoon Mrs Dwyer
was in. Then Mamma
went with her as she
had to go to Mrs Sullivans
Ella was over. They are
going to have a united[?]
memorial service in the
Opera House Saturday afternoon
There are six deaths in
the paper. Dr. Smith is
very sick

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